CO Movie Day: "Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice"

CO Movie Day: "Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice"

Check out the "Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice" screening passes!

24 Mar – The highly-anticipated DC Comics film, "Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice" finally hits cinemas in Malaysia today, but the winners of Cinema Online's contest got to be one of the very first to watch the superhero movie before its official release!

Taking place at GCS Pavillion Kuala Lumpur yesterday, a huge crowd of people were already lining-up at our counter before we could even start the ticket redemption.

The winners can't wait to get their hands on the passes!

Not only that, most of the people there wore either Batman or Superman t-shirts, so it was quite easy to tell which side they were on!

However, one of our winners, Zamir Ariff didn't come in costume, so we had to ask him which side he picked.

"Of course I'm on Team Superman!" But the reason why I want to watch this film is because of the director, Zack Snyder. I love most of his work in "Watchmen" and "Man of Steel", so I'm very looking forward to this film as well," said Zamir enthusiastically

Zamir Ariff and his partner are both on Team Superman!

Looking around at GSC Pavilion, we couldn't help to notice that most of them there are likely on Team Superman based on the shirts that they wore, even though Batman is supposedly the bigger highlight of the movie!

Look at the huge smile on this guy's face, bet he can't wait to watch the movie!

Alvit Shahrial here is obviously on Team Superman.

Soon enough there came one of our winners who stated that he is definitely on Team Batman, because even though many fans have questioned Ben Affleck's suitability of playing the character, he believes that Affleck would do a great job in portraying the role.

"I don't know why everyone is so against Ben Affleck playing Batman, I mean he is a great actor! His performance in "Gone Girl" is great, and I'm confident that he can nail this role as well!" said the winner.

Shashitharan Velosamy is ready to watch film with his friend.

"I'm on Team Batman", the shirt says it all!

The ladies from Warner Music Malaysia were also there for the screening,
and they look fierce!

Starring Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill, Gal Gadot, Amy Adams and more, in "Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice", Batman takes on Superman as he fears that Superman's actions are left unchecked. While the two fight each other, Lex Luthor creates a new threat known as Doomsday.

"Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice" opens in nationwide in cinemas today.

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