CO Movie Day: "Nerve"

CO Movie Day: "Nerve"

The cool "Nerve" premiere passes.

10 Aug – Techno-thriller "Nerve" will hit screens in Malaysia tomorrow for the whole nation to watch, but Cinema Online readers had the chance to watch the movie yesterday itself, two days before its official release date of 11 August 2016.

The screening was held at TGV Jaya Shopping Mall where our contest winners were given the passes to watch the 'truth-or-dare' themed movie.

Look at the crowd!

Moreover, five special winners of the contest also won themselves a limited-edition "Nerve" t-shirt!

Mohd Zulkeflli Bin Mohd Noor is one of the five special winners who got the t-shirt.

Though most of the winners admitted that they wanted to watch the movie due to Emma Roberts, some were more attracted to the unique premise of the film which reflects the current social media obsessed society of today.

"The film looks very modern and shows a lot of stuff that has been happening in the world nowadays like social media and everything. Hopefully the movie will be as good as the trailer," said one winner Arvind Singh Sidhu.

Arvind is excited to watch the movie with his plus one.

Another winner by the name of Alan Yeo commented, "It seems like an adrenaline-rushed movie so I want to feel the excitement!"

Alan wished that the movie will have non-stop action to the point where his "nerves" will get shaken!

Katriyn Ann told us that she is a big fan of Emma Roberts and Dave Franco so she thinks that it will be quite interesting to see the both of them act together.

When asked about her expectations of the movie, Katriyn said that she will be watching the movie with an open mind to see how well it delivers its story.

"I think it would be interesting to see Emma and Dave together in a movie!" said Katriyn.

Meanwhile, Kelvin Lim Chee Keong explained that the reason he is interested in "Nerve" is not because of the popular cast like Emma Roberts and Dave Franco, but more for its interesting plotline and promising trailer.

Kelvin hoped that the movie will have a lot of action and suspense as shown in the trailer.

"The film kind of reminds me of the time when I was in school where my friends challenged me to play truth-or-dare, but this is even more extreme as it involves life and death!" said Iskandar Zulkarnain Abd Azis.

Iskandar is also attracted to the movie because of its interesting plot and not the cast.

Gather your nerves to watch "Nerve" this 11 August 2016 at cinemas.

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