CO Movie Day: "Inferno"

CO Movie Day: "Inferno"

We gave out free "Inferno" preview passes to the winners of Cinema Online's contest!

12 Oct – With the success of "The Da Vinci Code" and "Angels & Demons", winners of Cinema Online's contest can't wait to watch Tom Hanks back in action in the much-anticipated threequel "Inferno".

Cinnamon with the "Inferno" movie pass.

Though the movie will only be released nationwide tomorrow, loyal readers of Cinema Online had the privilege to catch the mystery thriller yesterday at TGV Cinemas One Utama.

One of the winners, Nur Efiza Zakeri, told us that she had already read all the books from the series, and is a huge fan of Tom Hanks, so she is excited to finally see him reprising his role as Robert Langdon.

Efiza – or as her friends call her, Efi – can't wait to watch "Inferno"!

Liew Kah Yung is also a huge fan of the franchise, having watched the previous two movies.

Jane Ang Hui En, who said that she likes mystery movies, is watching "Inferno" with her
dear husband

"I watched the previous movies and I love the storyline of both, I hope that the third one will be just as good," said Lim Sin Heng, another winner of the "Inferno" contest.

Sin Heng and his plus one show off their passes and Cinnamon Lion cardboard!

Brian Lee Yeow Kiat also brings his partner to watch the movie.

Sheryl, who took the ticket on behalf of her friend Nur Shafiqah, said that she never watch the first two movies but she still looks forward to watching "Inferno" and hoping that she can understand the story just as well.

Sheryl will be watching the movie with her friend.

Ng Kah Wei gives a big smile to the camera.

Mohamed Hisbullah Bin Ahamed gets his passes!

Based on the 2013 novel of the same name by Dan Brown, "Inferno" also stars Felicity Jones, Omar Sy, Sidse Babett Knudsen, Ben Foster and Irrfan Khan.

In the movie, our hero Robert Langdon, who lost his memory, once again becomes the target of a major manhunt. With the help of Dr. Sienna Brooks and his knowledge of symbology, Langdon tries to regain memories while solving the most complicated riddle he ever faced.

"Inferno" hits cinemas in Malaysia tomorrow, 13 October 2016.

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