CO Movie Day: "American Assassin"

CO Movie Day: "American Assassin"

While picking up the premiere passes on his friend's behalf, lucky Suresh also picked up
an "American Assassin" travel bag.

14 Sep – Dylan O'Brien and Michael Keaton star in the newly-released "American Assassin", which opens in cinemas nationwide today.

Of course, for Cinema Online readers, some of them already watched the action movie yesterday evening during the premiere screening at TGV Cinemas Jaya Shopping Centre.

Social media-savvy Gloryann Ashvinee took a photo to post on Facebook so she could
show off her "American Assassin" premiere passes from Cinema Online!

Not only were these lucky readers among the first few to catch the movie before anyone else in Malaysia, they even got to participate in a lucky draw to win exclusive "American Assassin" merchandise!

Tan Kar King trying out his chances for the lucky draw.

Despite no win, Tan was still all-smiles since he got to watch "American Assassin" a day ahead
of its official release date.

Married couple – and movie fanatics – Lee Eng Seng and Ee Hock Chuan even won an
"American Assassin" torchlight to go with their premiere passes!

Tan Jia Hong happily holding up his "American Assassin" passes and travel bag.

When asked the reason for wanting to catch the Michael Cuesta-directed film, some of the readers said that they loved action movies and most of them also named Michael Keaton as their main attraction towards it.

Michael Keaton's star power is bringing all the fans to "American Assassin".

Savranan and Krishna Baskaran, who thought the trailer for "American Assassin"
looked interesting, also got to watch the movie yesterday.

"American Assassin" follows CIA black ops recruit Mitch (O'Brien), who, devastated by the loss of his girlfriend in a terrorist attack, is hunting down the perpetrators under the instruction of Cold War veteran Stan Hurley (Keaton). Together, the two go on a mission to stop a mysterious operative (Taylor Kitsch) from starting a World War in the Middle East.

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