iPhone in Movies

iPhone in Movies

Frodo on iPhones: One 'phone' to rule them all, one 'phone' to find them, one 'phone' to bring them all and in Hollywood bind them.

Remember those scenes of actors talking on the phone or breaking into a top-secret facility with a complex computerised gadget? Well, chances are that said gadget is none other than the most recognisable smartphone on the planet, Apple's iPhone. Ah, now you recall seeing it, don't you? Anyway, extending even way beyond the typical product placement deals (remember "Billy Madison" and Subway?), the iPhone is currently the most raved about phone that has established itself as Hollywood's leading choice of mobile communication regardless of whether there a deal has been struck with Apple cause that's how much they want the phone on screen. With the release of the iPhone 5, we're sure deals are being made in Tinsel Town at this very moment as suits rush to be first to feature the gadget on screen as the upgraded number alone has inevitably brought the device up a few more levels of 'awesome' in spite of the minimal upgrades in specs.

Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol

When Apple got on board with the first "Mission Impossible" movie featuring Macs in exchange for Apple featuring the movie's ad in all their products, the partnership paid off. After all, they did have the guy who brought in the craze for the Ray-Ban Wayfarers look with his "Risky Business" dance routine. 15 years later in the fourth "Mission Impossible" film, Tom Cruise is still into Apple as he uses the iPhone as a customised 'spy-gadget' that fulfils his communication needs apart from the rest.

Dinner For Shmucks

Starring funny men Paul Rudd and Steve Carrell, this movie sees a pair who couldn't be more different, pitted against each other in a battle of personalities as they eventually forge a friendship of sorts. Also, there's the infamous iPhone moment where Carrell picks up Rudd's phone to answer a call from his stalker, foolishly giving up Rudd's home address so she could come over and sexually prey on him.

No Strings Attached

In this romantic comedy starring Ashton Kutcher and Natalie Portman, Kutcher makes no moves to hide his adoration of Apple products as he uses the device as his phone on screen. Ludacris, who is besties with Kutcher's character, also uses an iPhone which is more than once prominently featured. Of course, Kutcher is not done proclaiming his love for Apple yet, as he is set to star as the late Apple co-founder, Steve Jobs, in an upcoming biopic which is set for release late this year or early next year.

The Hangover

"The Hangover" is a film about a couple of hung-over dudes that nobody really thought would make it big. So it's pretty smart that Apple got their iPhone in the movie in a crucial scene at that; where Bradley Cooper's character realises that the rat pack may be in for a bigger problem than they thought they were as he tries to explain to his friend's fiancée the disappearance of the groom who's supposed to get married in a matter of hours. Yeah, remember the part set in the middle of the Nevada desert with Cooper all beaten up but still looking cool with his aviators talking on the phone? Imagine using a Nokia 3310 instead, so not cool.

Scream 4

The many Apple placements in the latest "Scream 4" definitely didn't go notice, and with the number of times the iPhone appears on screen could make for a great drinking game! Also, since Ghostface gets the kick out of giving his victims the courtesy 'I'm going to kill you' call, we can't help but wonder what's with the husky voice? Is there an App for that?

Sex And The City 2

The ladies of New York who are all fabulous and glamorous in the concrete jungle would surely not pass on a chance to be spotted using an iPhone on screen. Among the many phones featured, Apple made sure theirs was on the bill as Samantha's phone of choice. The movie also spurned a collaboration between the franchise and the brand, in releasing some pretty cute movie tie in iPhone covers, which we're sure you have spotted on a shelf at your local mobile stores.

I Am Number Four

Also known as "I Am iPhone Four" the movie featured lengthy iPhone 4 usage on screen to the point that we're pretty sure the gadget had its own script! Not only does Alex Pettyfer keeps his iPhone close as any teenager would, whipping it out several times on cue as the familiar ringtone chimes, the movie also prominently includes iPods, MacBooks and an Apple Mac cinema screen. Check out the movie's App if you haven't already, it's quite interesting and the best part; it's free!

Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief

This Harry Potter franchise wannabe didn't quite hit the mark for audiences, but its product placement of an iPhone (or was it an iPod?) didn't go unnoticed. We all know the story of Medusa right? Look into her eyes and thus be cursed into stone. In "Percy Jackson", Uma Thurman has the honour of playing Medusa and the titular character played by Logan Lerman has to battle it out with her. So as a teenage boy equipped with gadgets, he uses the back of his shiny iPhone 3G to glimpse at her reflection (cause, direct eye contact is fatal, duh!) and consequently kills her. Props for the Greek myth modernisation guys!

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