The Transformers of "Transformers 4"

The Transformers of "Transformers 4"

The Dinobots are here for "Transformers: Age of Extinction"

After the battle of Chicago four years ago, the Transformers are now the most wanted aliens on the planet. While the US government are hunting every last remnants of the Transformers that survived the massive battle, scientist are discovering what these Transformers are made of to bring a new age.

With Michael Bay bringing in a new start to a new trilogy of the Transformers franchise, not only has he brought in a new human character with Mark Wahlberg as Cade Yeagar but he has also brought in new Transformers for their live-action debut.

What won't be new is that even the most careful audience won't be able to tell one Transformer from the other when they start smashing into each other, so we thought that a quick guide on the new Transformers that would be in "Age of Extinction" would be helpful to at least identify them.

Optimus Prime

Faction: Autobots

The undisputed leader of the Autobots has gone into hiding from the agents of the government, even after he had saved Earth from being destroyed by Sentinel Prime and the Decepticons in "Transformers: Dark of the Moon". Found and brought back to life by the human Cade Yeager, Optimus must once again defend Earth from a new invader, who not only intends to bring destruction to the remaining Autobots but to all of humanity itself.

Optimus Prime returns with the voice of Peter Cullen, who has voiced as the character since the television series in the 80s and throughout the original trilogy. Prime would first appear as a rusted out Marmon 97 semi truck, but would later be reinvigorated as a Western Star 4900 Phantom Custom semi-trailer truck. It would be hard not to recognise Optimus, who will doing most of the fighting with his new sword and shield, in his red and blue coating, while he gets a new ride.


Faction: Autobots

Everyone's favourite Transformer sidekick Bumblebee will be back in "Age of Extinction". Now without his best pal Sam Witcky, Bumblebee will find a new buddy in "Age of Extinction". Bumblebee would first appear as a 1967 Camaro, but will be easily recognised as the yellow 2014 Chervolet Camo when it is time to heed the call of his Autobot leader.

Bumblebee may have met his match in "Age of Extinction", when the humans would design a similar Transformer like him with the new technology they have gained since the battle of Chicago.


Faction: Autobots

Hound is an experienced commando and technical specialist. While Hound was a heavily armed commando in the television series from the 80s, he is also known for being able to scan and create holographic images that became instrumental in the creation of the Dinobots.

Hound makes his first live action appearance in "Age of Extinction" as an Oshkosh Defense Medium Tactical Vehicle, and can be recognised from his beard (and electronic cigar) when he is in his Transformer form. He will be voiced by John Goodman.


Faction: Autobots

A former Decepticon, Drift was formerly known as Deadlock when he slew several Autobots in the comics. He would later be renamed as Drift after joining the cause of the Autobots as a feared warrior and tactician who travels across the universe hunting for Decepticons.

Drift will make his first appearance in "Age of Extinction" with a Samurai-inspired design. Although Drift traditionally transforms into a Japanese made car, he will transform as a black and blue Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse by Volkswagen in Bay's "Age of Extinction". Japanese actor Ken Watanabe will be the voice of Drift.


Faction: Autobots

While Crosshairs is known for being a careful shot who only takes it when he is sure he will never miss in the comics, Crosshairs will make his first appearance in "Age of Extinction" as a trigger-happy paratrooper. Adapting the earthly form of a green 2014 Chervolet Corvette C7 Stingray instead of a Cybertronian vehicle from the animated series, Crosshairs is voiced by John DiMaggio.


Faction: Autobots

Autobot medical officer Ratchet makes his return in his fourth outing for "Age of Extinction" as the one of the few Autobots to have survived the battle of Chicago aside from Bumblebee. Ratchet can still be recognised as the Rescue Hummer H2 he first adopted since he crash landed onto Earth in the first trilogy, and the voice of Robert Foxworth.


Faction: Autobots

A former Decepticon drone, Brains was freed to join the Autobots and made his first appearance in "Dark of the Moon". Somehow managing to survive the battle of Chicago except without his partner Wheelie, Brains now transforms into a Lenovo ThinkPad Edge laptop. Reno Wilson also returns to voice as Brains.


Faction: Autobots

To be introduced in "Age of Extinction" are the Dinobots, a set of Transformers that takes the form of dinosaurs. Although the Dinobots were built from scratch in the original television series, in "Age of Extinction" they will be Transformers who have landed on Earth during the prehistoric times.

Grimlock is the leader of the Dinobots and is deemed the strongest amongst them as the form of a Tyrannosaurus Rex. As his respect for strength over thoughts in the animated series is the same in the movie, Grimlock must first be convinced by Optimus Prime with a physical beatdown to show who is the stronger Transformer, if Prime wants the Dinobots to join the Autobots against Lockdown.


Faction: Autobots

Fans of the animated series may be confused by the name as Strafe is a member of the Technobots from the series. Otherwise known as Swoop in the series, in "Age of Extinction" Strafe is a member of the Dinobots who has taken the form of a twin headed and twin tailed Pteranodon that specialises as an assault infantry.


Faction: Autobots

Often considered as the second-in-command of the Dinobots, Slug is just as aggressive as his leader Grimlock when he transforms into a Triceratops that tramples over anything in his path.


Faction: Autobots

A newly created Transformer for "Age of Extinction", Scorn takes the shape of a Spinosaurus who is not only as vicious as his two-legged leader, but is also the demolition expert of the Dinobots.


Faction: Decepticons

In "Age of Extinction", Galvatron is the result of the new technologies discovered by mankind after the battle of Chicago, but it would later be possessed by a Decepticon killed in that battle. Fans of the animated series will know what it means when they hear the name Galvatron being mentioned.

As the rival to Optimus Prime, Galvatron will take the form of a 2014 Freightliner Argosy trailer and will be voiced with the new voice of Frank Welker.


Faction: Decepticons

Lockdown is a bounty hunter. In the comics, he was sent by Megatron to hunt down Deadlock/Drift after the latter had turned against the Decepticons, but it is uncertain if that relationship would be maintained in "Age of Extinction".

While Lockdown keeps his hook arm from the comics which he uses to rip apart his enemies to enhance himself with their parts, he is also given a new ability to transform his face into a canon to shoot down his targets. Instead of transforming into a muscle car as he did in the comics, Lockdown will be a sleek Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4 Coupe, voiced by Mark Ryan.

Lockdown also won't be hunting alone in "Age of Extinction" as he brings with him numerous unnamed humanoid transformers and canines for his invasion on Earth.


Faction: Decepticons

Another result of the humanity's experiments of creating their own Transformers, Stinger is made to be similar as Bumblebee which makes him a suitable spy and sabotage specialist. Instead of imitating Bumblebee, Stinger can be recognised as the red and black 2013 Pagani Huayra and a more evil disposition.

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