5 reasons to watch "Triumph In The Skies"

5 reasons to watch "Triumph In The Skies"

(L-R), Julian Cheung, Francis Ng, Sammi Cheng and Louis Koo star in "Triumph In The Skies".

Based on the hugely popular TVB drama series of the same name that spawned 40 episodes for the first season (2003) and 43 episodes for the second season (2013), die-hard fans can finally watch the much-awaited big screen adaptation. As one of the highly-anticipated Hong Kong blockbusters of 2015, here are our 5 high-flying reasons to watch "Triumph In The Skies" this double festive month of Chinese New Year.

1. The movie features Captain Samuel Tong and Captain Cool!

Julian Cheung as Captain Cool.

Among the huge success surrounding the phenomenally popular TVB drama series of "Triumph In The Skies" is the two main actors; Francis Ng, who plays the stern-faced Captain Samuel Tong and Julian Cheung, who plays the suave playboy Captain Jayden Koo a.k.a. "Captain Cool". Thanks to the enormous popularity of their iconic characters, it is nice to see them again after their last appearance back in 2013. Except this time, you finally get to see their cool swagger in pilot uniforms on the big screen!

2. It features beautiful locations.

"Triumph In The Skies" features overseas locations.

Various location shoots done at several parts of the world are one of the main reasons that contributed to the success of the TVB drama series. In the movie version, "Triumph In the Skies" is shot on location in England and Beijing, which gives this romance drama a subtle international flavour.

3. More familiar faces featured in the movie version!

Charmaine Sheh and Louis Koo make a fine pair.

Apart from Francis Ng and Julian Cheung, die-hard fans will be ecstatic to see Kenneth Ma and Elena Kong reprise their famous roles from the TVB drama series as Roy and Heather Fong a.k.a. Sister Head in the movie version. Additionally, the movie also features new characters in the form of Hong Kong superstars Louis Koo and Sammi Cheng alongside Charmaine Sheh, the TVB queen who won huge accolades in 2014 for her famous undercover role as "Ding Jie" in the drama series, "Line Walker".

4. Three love stories in one movie.

Sammi Cheng and Francis Ng.

The two-season TVB drama series is known for its heartfelt and bittersweet love stories. In the movie version, you get to watch three love stories told at separate occasions: Louis Koo and Charmaine Sheh; Francis Ng and Sammi Cheng; and finally, Julian Cheung and Amber Kuo. This definitely makes a nice date movie too.

5. The combination of two famous Hong Kong directors.

(L-R), Directors Wilson Yip and Matt Chow, Sammi Cheng and Francis Ng on the set of "Triumph In The Skies".

It's great to see the movie version of "Triumph In The Skies" in the hands of two veteran Hong Kong directors; Wilson Yip and Matt Chow. Wilson Yip, is of course, best known for directing some of Donnie Yen's popular action blockbusters including "SPL", "Flash Point", "Ip Man" and "Ip Man 2". In fact, prior to the release of "Triumph In The Skies", Wilson Yip used to direct another famous TVB series-turned-big screen movie called "Turning Point" back in 2009. Matt Chow, on the other hand, is no stranger to directing some of Hong Kong's popular romantic comedies such as last year's "Golden Chickensss" starring Sandra Ng.

"Triumph In The Skies" is now showing at cinemas.

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