5 Reasons to Watch "Ride Along 2"

5 Reasons to Watch "Ride Along 2"

Ice Cube and Kevin Hart star in "Ride Along 2".

Back in 2014, no one could have predicted that the modestly-budgeted action comedy "Ride Along" starring Ice Cube and Kevin Hart became an unexpected box office hit. Now, thanks to the success of the first movie, the brothers-in-law are back for the second time round in "Ride Along 2"!

With the sequel riding into cinemas nationwide soon, here are the five reasons why you should watch "Ride Along 2".

1. Ice Cube and Kevin Hart are back for more madcap mayhem!

Kevin Hart and Ice Cube in a scene from "Ride Along 2".

It goes without saying that one of the biggest successes of the first "Ride Along" lies on the terrific comedy duo of Ice Cube and Kevin Hart. They are like Will Smith and Martin Lawrence in the "Bad Boys" movies. In fact, with a bigger budget this time around, expect more hilarious misadventures and more action in "Ride Along 2"!

2. From Atlanta to Miami

Ice Cube and Kevin Hart take Miami in "Ride Along 2".

Instead of restricting the location of "Ride Along 2" in the same old Atlanta like the first movie, the sequel sees James (Ice Cube) and Ben (Kevin Hart) both assigned to a bigger case in Miami. So, what's the big deal with Miami anyway? Judging by the synopsis and the trailers that have been released so far, the overall vibe of the sunny Miami setting does bring back the dynamic nostalgia akin to a "Bad Boys" movie. Now, that sounds like good fun.

3. The stakes are higher

Benjamin Bratt (right) as drug lord Antonio Pope in "Ride Along 2".

What's the point of making a sequel if the stakes are more of the same like the first movie? So, to honour the "go big-or-go home" tradition of a buddy-cop sequel, "Ride Along 2" will see the mismatched pair team up to take down a powerful drug kingpin, played by the charismatic Benjamin Bratt (TV's "Law & Order") as Antonio Pope.

4. Olivia Munn and Ken Jeong are added into the mix

(R-L) Olivia Munn, Ice Cube and Kevin Hart in a scene from "Ride Along 2".

Apart from Ice Cube and Kevin Hart, the sequel also features two newcomers to the "Ride Along" franchise. And they are none other than Olivia Munn (who soon can be seen in the upcoming "X-Men: Apocalypse" as Psylocke) and funnyman Ken Jeong (best known for "The Hangover" trilogy and TV's "Community"). As a matter of fact, what's not to like seeing an eye candy like Olivia Munn playing a tough Miami homicide detective?

5. From security guard to detective

(L-R) Kevin Hart jumps to protect Ice Cube (in the background) during one of the
shootout scenes in "Ride Along 2".

In the first movie, Kevin Hart's Ben is nothing more than just a fast-talking security guard. He still talks a lot, of course. Except this time, he is already an Atlanta P.D. cop and now working his way up to become a detective! So, you can imagine the amount of fun and... mishaps he's going to cause being a detective on duty.

"Ride Along 2" opens in cinemas nationwide on 21 January.

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