Movies to watch this Chinese New Year

Movies to watch this Chinese New Year

Catch these movies this CNY.

As we usher in the Monkey Year this February, why not also enjoy some fun movies at the cinemas? As is the norm, Chinese New Year releases are mostly of the comedic genre, to match the festive happiness of the holidays. Without further ado, here we list down eight movies to watch this Chinese New Year.

"Let's Eat" (Cantonese)

What is CNY without the abundance of delectable food? It is only appropriate then to welcome the New Year with a food-themed movie. Bite into Hong Kong actor Chapman To's directorial debut "Let's Eat", a comedy about a chef who has to work together with the café owner's daughter, whom he doesn't get along with, to save the café. Also starring in the movie are Aimee Chan, Daphne Low, C-Kwan, Lo Hoi-pang and more.

Release date: 4 February

"Special Forces" (Mandarin)

What do you get when you combine (mostly) retired people, who have plenty of time on their hands, with enthusiasm for all things heroic? Michael Chuah's answer to that comes in the form of action comedy, "Special Forces". Directing and acting in the movie himself, Chuah, along with the likes of Frankie Lee, KK Wong, and Brendan Yuen, play a group of men that form a neighbourhood watch and in their own version of action heroism, offer help to a damsel in distress.

Release date:
4 February

"From Vegas to Macau 3" (Cantonese)

Wong Jing's sequel to his highly successful 2015 action comedy sees the return of Chow Yun-Fat and Nick Cheung in their respective roles, with special appearances by Jack Cheung and Carina Lau. This time, they are joined by superstar Andy Lau and singer-actress Li Yuchun. With a cast this star-studded, it may not be a gamble to say "From Vegas to Macau 3" is shaping up to be another great hit for the franchise. It just may collect more than its predecessors' USD156.85 million ("From Vegas to Macau II") and USD95.9 million ("From Vegas to Macau") worldwide gross.

Release date: 5 February

"The Monkey King 2" (Cantonese)

Here's another sequel to a highly successful movie. Though the titular monkey king was played by Donnie Yen in the 2014 movie, which made USD181.9 million worldwide, in "Monkey King 2" Aaron Kwok is stepping up to play the lead. Sun Wukong won't be monkeying around as this time he has to battle the Skeleton Demon, Baigujing (Gong Li).

Release date:
5 February

"The Mermaid" (Cantonese)

Comedy auteur Stephen Chow returns as a director once again with his upcoming fantasy-themed movie, "The Mermaid". Starring newcomer Lin Yun in the titular role, with the rest of the cast made up of Show Luo, Kitty Zhang, Deng Chao and more, the story tells of a man who falls in love with the mermaid that saves him from a boat crash. One's argument doesn't hold water if they were to say the movie promises no laughs, as judging by the trailers and posters alone, it is safe to say laughter will be abundant this Chinese New Year with this comedy.

Release date: 8 February

  "Huat the Fish" (Cantonese)

Featuring an ensemble cast made up of Jack Lim, Jeff Chin, Juztin Lan, Alvin Chong, Wan Wai Fun, Bernard Hiew, Gan Mei Yan and more, Silver Lee's "Huat the Fish" follows the fishy endeavours of four friends, who are also fishermen, who decide to settle their loan debt by robbing, though this of course lands them in hot water with the real robbers that they happened to have fished their money from.

Release date: 11 February

"Girls Generation" (Mandarin)

Ah Niu and Teddy Chin take the reins as directors for the upcoming teen movie, starring Owodog, JC Chee, Royi, Yumi Wong SK, Keqing, Emily Kong and more. Follow the lives of a group of high school students as they prepare for the National Talent Competition. As they prepare for the oncoming contest, each must also battle with their personal matters, which include friendship and love.

Release date: 18 February


Here's all the movies that you can catch this Chinese New Year!.

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