Why "Interchange" would be a fascinating local movie

Why "Interchange" would be a fascinating local movie

A scene from "Interchange".

Ever since filmmaker Dain Said's much-anticipated "Interchange" was announced in 2012 and only began production early last year, anticipation has been mounting high among many local movie fans for its release. After all, he was the same person who made "Bunohan", which was well-received at numerous film festivals around the world.

With "Interchange" inching closer to its release date of 1 December 2016 in Malaysia and after opening the Singapore International Film Festival last week, here are five reasons why you should catch this movie at the cinema.

1. Filmmaker Dain Said

Dain Said and actor Shaheizy Sam on the set of "Interchange".

With just two movies under his belt, Dain Said has emerged as one of the most reputable directors in our local film industry. Even though his first movie, "Dukun" (2007) failed to see the light of day due to its "controversial" theme, his follow-up, "Bunohan" instantly put him on the international map with numerous accolades won at various film festivals including Best Screenplay at the 2013 AIFFA Award and NETPAC Award at the 2011 Golden Horse Film Festival. The critically-acclaimed movie even had its world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF). As if that's not enough, "Bunohan" was a big winner at the 2013 Festival Filem Malaysia (FFM), garnering five major awards including three (Best Director, Best Screenplay and Best Story) for the director himself, as well as Best Film and Best Actor for Faizal Hussein.

2. Talented cast from Malaysia and Indonesia

Prisia Nasution and Iedil Putra in "Interchange".

Like "Bunohan", Dain Said cast an interesting roster of recognisable acting talents such as Iedil Putra, Shaheizy Sam and Nicholas Saputra for "Interchange". Prior to playing the lead as the forensic photographer Adam, up-and-coming actor Iedil Putra had also appeared in "Pekak" this year. You might have also recognised him from the well-received movies; "Cuak" and "Terbaik Dari Langit".

Shaheizy Sam in "Interchange".

For local movie fans, Shaheizy Sam needs no introduction. This multi-talented actor has appeared in a number of well-known and acclaimed features including "Kongsi", "Songlap" and "Adnan Semp-It". One of his most recent movies is the action comedy "Polis Evo" with Zizan Razak, which made history as the second highest-grossing local movie behind Syamsul Yusof's "Munafik".

Nicholas Saputra in "Interchange".

As for Nicholas Saputra, the brooding Indonesian actor is famously known for his breakthrough movie in 2002's "Ada Apa Dengan Cinta?" as well as 2005's "Janji Joni" and this year's highly-anticipated sequel "Ada Apa Dengan Cinta 2". Playing a supernatural creature this time around, it is fascinating to see Saputra in a different light.

3. Unique blend of different genres

Key art from the "Interchange" poster.

Like the genre-defying meditative crime drama of "Bunohan", Dain Said has once again chosen to merge different elements for "Interchange". Unlike most local movie offerings that typically stick with the likes of horror and romantic comedy, it's hard to ignore the unique attraction that Said brings to "Interchange". Besides, how often do you get to see a local movie that boldly mixes a police procedural with Asian folklore and supernatural elements all bundled up as a film noir?

4. The unique side of Kuala Lumpur

Shaheizy Sam in the rain-slicked, noir-ish version of Kuala Lumpur in "Interchange".

If you have seen the trailer, it's hard not to get spellbound with the way Dain Said and production designer Zaharah Nakibullah turned the otherwise familiar Kuala Lumpur (yes, it was shot entirely in the city itself) into a noir-ish city of its own. With Said's unique visual interpretation of Kuala Lumpur, this is something we want to see in our local movies for a change.

5. Making rounds at various film festivals worldwide

Dain Said and his cast at the world premiere of the film at Locarno, Switzerland.

Prior to its Malaysian release date of 1 December 2016, "Interchange" has once again seen Dain Said successfully premiering his latest effort at various film festivals around the world. This included Locarno, London, Stiges, Vladivostok and most recently, Singapore where the Malaysian film opened the Singaporean International Film Festival.

"Interchange" opens in cinemas nationwide on 1 December 2016 in Malaysia.

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