Movies Not to Miss: April 2017

Movies Not to Miss: April 2017

Which of these are you going to watch?

April starts with 'A', and do you know what else also starts with an 'A'? Action and Asian. That is the name of the game, and in some cases, there's even going to be lots of Asian action for this month's releases.

While the Hollywood train is still chugging out blockbusters to meet your weekly quota to the cinema, there is an outstanding lineup of Asian movies that are allocating some of your extra time to see, if not already anticipated.

So if you haven't put on your 'A' game to watch any movies in the cinema this month, here's our movies not to miss this April!

Smurfs: The Lost Village

The Smurfs are back, but not quite the same way as before. Say what you liked about the live-action animation hybrid that brought the happy blue people back on the big screen, but they feel right at home in this fully animated reboot of the franchise with little blue people and their small white caps. When a depressed Smurfette finds a map that leads her to find a lost village of Smurfs, Brainy, Clumsy and Hefty join in on her adventure and have to find the village before the evil Gargamel does. Pop singer Demi Lovato will give her voice as Smurfette, and there's even a cameo by Gordon Ramsey.

General Release Date: 6 April

Extraordinary Mission

An undercover cop inside a drug ring discovers the real mastermind to be a man known as 'Old Eagle'. After informing his handler of Old Eagle's identity who is someone known to the handler from an incident 8 years ago, they both set out to bring down the entire drug operation. "Infernal Affairs" directing and screenwriting duo Alan Mak and Anthony Pun make their first 'made in China' production outside of Hong Kong, delivering what is a promisingly high stakes and high octane action thriller. Mainland stars Huang Xuan and Zu Feng will be the law enforcers trying to bring down Duan Yihong's operation.

General Release Date: 6 April

The Fate of the Furious

Thought to have been set for life and away from the heist life, Dom finds himself seduced back into the life he left behind by a mysterious woman, and even having to betray the ones that matter to him the most. This will be the first instalment in "The Fast and Furious" series without the late Paul Walker, which probably meant that the franchise is once again about ready to switch gears into a new direction. Changing out director James Wan with "Straight Outta Compton" director F. Gary Gray, the returning crew are greeted with an even more prolific cast, introducing Charlize Theron, and Helen Mirren into the franchise. But we all know that we are not here to see them, but are eager to find out how the dynamics of the people in the driving seat; the family, will change with Dom's betrayal.

General Release Date: 13 April

The Perfect Girl

Ye Xin seems to have the perfect life. She is an intellectual beauty at the top of her class in criminal psychology, born to a famous cardiac surgeon, and happily in a relationship with a handsome forensic specialist. When a gruesome discovery is made in her backyard, Ye begins to question if her life is so perfect after all. Adapted from the web novel of the same name by Tsung Yeh Ling, this mystery horror begs us to question our perfect lives and its answers may bring a chill down your spine. "The Perfect Girl" is adapted by Malaysia-born director Remus Kam after his directorial debut "When Geek Meets Serial Killer". Tia Lee stars as the titular girl, with Bryant Chang as the boyfriend and William Hsieh as the father of questionable circumstances.

General Release Date: 13 April

Get Out

An interracial couple are on a trip to meet the white woman's parents for the first time. When Chris Washington is introduced to the rest of the Armitage family, Washington slowly notices that his welcome into the family is slowly and frighteningly getting out of hand. Sure, there are plenty of horror offerings this month (including our very own "Hospital"), but there's only one horror you need to see. Premiered only recently at this year's Sundance, "Get Out" has quickly become a sensation that has caught on wildfire attention, as it did for comedian Jordan Peele (of 'Key and Peele' fame) in his directorial debut. Inspired by the premise of "The Stepford Wives", Peele's satirical horror take of the new racial relations in America could not be more timely, and at the same time becoming a gripping piece of genre fare that takes a less supernatural approach to make some frightening social commentaries.

General Release Date: 20 April

A Silent Voice

When deaf girl Shouko Nishimiya transfers to Shouya Ishida's elementary school, his disregard for her hearing disability makes her a bully victim for Shouya and his classmates. When the bullying gets worse until Shouko is forced to leave the school, Shouya quickly becomes an outcast and even falls prey to the same bullies who joined him. For years, Shouya lives with his guilt until one day he meets Shouko again in high school. Following silently behind the massive success of 2016's "Your Name" is this adaptation of Yoshitoki Oima's manga. While it didn't hold a candle to the box office numbers of "Your Name", this tour de force from Kyoto Animation with the directing hand of Naoko Yamada and the screenplay of Reiko Yoshida is not something to snuff at. A beautifully heart-breaking romance rendered in the style of Kyoto Animation, "A Silent Voice" will be the anime feature that you didn't hear about in 2016, but would surely make its mark here for 2017.

General Release Date: 20 April

Shock Wave

Officer Cheung is the bomb disposal expert of the Hong Kong police force who learned his trade from a fugitive serial bomber seven years ago. When a new series of bombings happen in the city with threats that there would be more, Cheung sets off to disarm every one of them to protect the city. Initially marketed as a project with Andy Lau acting as a producer, Lau eventually found himself inside the bomb disposal suit as its main star, reuniting him with director Herman Yau since 1999's "Fascination Amour". This intense game of cat and mouse also stars Jiang Wu's as the mentor turned criminal bomber.

General Release Date: 20 April

Love Off the Cuff

After finding love in Hong Kong and again in a new city, Jimmy and Cherie are nearing the seventh year of their relationship which presents itself with new challenges and tests to their relationship. Will the couple be able to find themselves again with the seven year itch? Director Pang Ho-Cheung returns with his lovely couple Shawn Yue and Miriam Chin to explore the deep and difficult questions of maintaining a metropolitan relationship. Hopefully this completes what can be liken as the "Before" trilogy of Hong Kong's complicated and often confusing perspectives on love, commitment and happiness.

General Release Date: 27 April

Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

After saving the galaxy a few months ago, the newly minted Guardians of the Galaxy are traveling to the outer reaches of the cosmos while trying to stay together as a family, until the question of Peter Quill's true parentage comes up. It has been a quick 2 years since the first volume of the "Guardians of the Galaxy". While we were distracted with new origin stories for the next phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, we can't wait to hang back with Starlord, Gamora, Drax, Rocket Raccoon and baby Groot. Director and writer James Gunn makes his second outing for this bunch of cosmic misfits, while he introduces Kurt Russell and Sylvester Stallone to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. So put on your headphones and play that mixtape because the galaxy is going to need savin' again, with old allies, new nemesis, and shocking revelations.

General Release Date: 27 April

Baahubali: The Conclusion

After learning the truth of his heritage as the son of Bahubali, Shiva seeks to take his rightful place on the throne of the Mahishmathi empire. If superheroes flying across space and battling out of proportion aliens isn't how you fly, then you might have been following this Indian epic of kings and warriors from last year that is reaching its climatic conclusion here. Initially planned to be made back-to-back with last year's opener, "Baahubali: The Conclusion" grew to be its own beast that director S.S. Rajamouli required an equally massive budget to let it stand on its own, and "Baahubali: The Conclusion" seem to have lavishly spent every penny of it to look this good. It will also be the first Indian film to be released in 4K format, if your nearest cinema can handle the projection.

General Release Date: 28 April

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