Reviewing the new MX4D seats with "Fast And Furious 8"

Reviewing the new MX4D seats with "Fast And Furious 8"

Cinema Online watched "Fast and Furious 8" with the new MX4D seats at MBO Starling Mall.

The first ever 4D cinema technology finally arrives in Malaysia at the latest MBO Cinemas chain, MBO Starling Mall.

Known as MX4D Motion EFX Theatre, or just MX4D, the technology is created by Californian systems integrator, MediaMation, which provides creative solutions for complex interactive exhibits, shows, attractions, rides, interactive fountain shows and 4D/5D theater environments, worldwide.

The MX4D features motion seats with built-in motion and effects that sync together with the action on screen, giving you a totally immersive environment along with the added theatre environments like wind, fog and strobe lights.

The effects from the MX4D seat itself includes; front-back and left-right motion, wind, air and water blasts, rumbler, seat popper, back poker, leg and neck tickler, and a variety of different scents, from intense engine smells to the lovely fragrance of flowers!

The MX4D seats are currently only available at MBO Starling Mall, but it will also be available at all upcoming new locations of MBO Cinemas in the near future.

The Experience: Reviewing "Fast and Furious 8" in MX4D

It is one helluva ride!

The MX4D technology has come in at just the right time with the release of the latest "Fast and Furious" movie, and the Cinema Online team got to experience it first-hand – in 3D too!

Since this is the first 4D cinema technology in Malaysia, it is incomparable to other current cinema features, but if you've ever tried 4D, 5D or the 6D motion adventure rides which can be found in several indoor theme parks in Malaysia, then we have to say that the experience is somewhat similar, but not as intense!

After all, MediaMation also provides their service for famous theme parks all over the world.

OK, back to trying out the seats. It is quite expected that the movie experience for "Fast and Furious 8" will be one exciting bumpy ride filled with car chasing scenes, explosions, and gun shots – and you'll be glad to know that all of these are properly accompanied by the effects delivered by MX4D.

To be honest, throughout the movie you won't be sitting still at all – and we don't just mean because of the 'seat shaking' effect – but more because of ones jumpy anticipation from wondering when water will start splashing in your face, or when the seat popper or leg tickler will decide to catch you by surprise!

It is truly a two-hour long non-stop suspense especially if you're someone who is easily alarmed.

Beware, the engine and explosion smells aren't really pleasant.

One of the most exciting parts of the MX4D movie experience is probably the car chasing scene as it really feels as though you are in a fast-speeding car, and with the unexpected blast of engine smells and strobe lights to accompany the fired gunshots – the experience just get even more real.

One tiny flaw that we have to point out is the smoke screen coming directly from under the projector screen, as it can only be felt by the audience from the first and second rows of the MX4D seats, but for those from the third row and above onwards, can only SEE the smoke coming out and not FEEL it.

There isn't much for us to comment on the 3D visual effects itself, as it is pretty much similar to the usual 3D movies that many cinemas are already offering, and we feel that even if you watch the movie without the added 3D effects, it will still be as enjoyable.

Comfort level

An MX4D seat is more or less similar to a normal cinema seat, just that it shakes a lot.

If you were to compare the MX4D seats to normal cinema seats, we have to say that it is slightly more roomy, but probably not as comfy as they are quite stiff and in an almost 90 degrees upright state. But because the seats are constantly moving and vibrating, it immediately distracts you from all the minor discomforts, and since there are moments when the seats will fall back – sometime to an almost 145 degree angle – you will hardly realise that the seat is actually quite straight up at a 90 degree angle.

What movies to watch in MX4D

Movies with a lot of explosions!

Definitely action movies – the bigger the action the better! We also feel that horror or thriller films would also be suitable as there will be a lot of surprise elements, and with the leg and neck tickler, back poker and seat popper – you will surely find yourself literally jumping from your seats! But the best option will definitely be action-packed films like superhero or disaster-themed movies, but definitely not romance or drama, though we're pretty sure that those kind of films won't be played in the MX4D cinema in the first place. Some of the future titles that we expect would be made available in MX4D are "Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2", "King Arthur: Legend of the Sword", "Alien: Covenant", "Baywatch" (too much of a stretch?), "Pirates of the Caribbean: Salazar's Revenge", "Wonder Woman", "The Mummy" and others.

Value for money?

It is a lot more cheaper than 4DX!

The indoor theme parks in Malaysia for 4D, 5D or 6D rides usually cost around RM10 to RM30 per ride, and that's like around 15 to 20 minutes max. But for an hour and a half to a two hour long movie at MX4D which cost only RM20, it is so worth it! In the United States, a similar technology called the 4DX by South Korea's CJ 4DPlex was introduced in 2014 and the tickets there go for approximately USD26. The technology is also available in Cambodia and Thailand, and it's priced around USD12, and in Indonesia, it costs around USD10. MX4D is also available in the U.S, but the price there ranges between USD22.50 to USD24, and that's five times more expensive than the price here!

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