5 actors who could've been Han Solo

5 actors who could've been Han Solo

Which one of these young actors would you have preferred as Han Solo?

Among the most iconic characters in the universe of Star Wars, Han Solo could easily stand to be one of the favourites. As someone without any inborn ties to the Force, does not swing lightsabers, and has the next best line beside Luke Walker's denial of his father, Han Solo represents the everyday man in the galaxy far, far away, and that makes us attracted to this swashbuckling, snappy, scoundrel.

With his origin story is definitely one fans have been wanting to watch turn into canon, the role is understandably clamoured by every young actor, from the upcoming to the upstanding.

Alden Ehrenreich is currently your young Han Solo.

The search has been a massive undertaking with 2,500 actors who audited. Although the role finally landed on Alden Ehrenreich, who is looking to cement the role by being contracted to appear in 3 more films, there has been big names that attempted for the role. So here we are going to highlight the actors who tried and let us imagine what might have been if they 'get to shoot first'.

Miles Teller

At just over 30, Miles Teller may be among the oldest actors to audition for the role that was looking for someone between the early to mid-20s. But his experience and works so far definitely make up for the age. Besides, we would have been convinced that he could pull a young and brash Solo after his role in his breakthrough role as an alcoholic highschooler in "The Spectacular Now" (when he was 26!). Teller is no stranger to the blockbuster game from his involvement during the height of the YA adaptations in the "Divergent" trilogy, and the superhero genre in the ill-fated "Fantastic Four", but he has already shown he is no one-trick pony in more serious outings for "Whiplash" or comedies like "War Dogs".

Ansel Elgort

One of the hottest heartthrobs of Hollywood, Ansel Elgort made it to the shortlist of the one who will don the leather vest but came up short. Much like his "Divergent" co-star Miles Teller, Elgort also got his break through romance with the adaptation of John Green's "The Fault in Our Stars" (also starring Shailene Woodley) as the smouldering boyfriend for the dying cancer girl. Besides getting some action for the "Divergent" series, Elgort was on his way to play Solo before getting rejected, making way for him to add "Baby Driver" to his ever-impressive resume.

Dave Franco

The impact of this role on Dave Franco's career would have launched him out of the shadow of his older brother, if he had landed it. Although in the 30s club to try for the role, Franco already has quite a filmography to show for; starting with his TV work in the finale season of "Scrubs". In film, Franco has appeared in minor roles for "Super Bad", "Warm Bodies" and "21 Jump Street", before taking on larger roles for "Neighbours", "Now you See Me", and most recently alongside his brother in "The Disaster Artist".

Aaron Taylor Johnson

One of the few upcoming actors from the British Isles to make it on this list, Aaron Taylor-Johnson became better known as the comic book geek turned tonfa-wielding vigilante from the "Kick-Ass" series. Since then, he has made his presence known around major blockbusters and franchises around Hollywood from "Avengers: Age of Ultron" to "Godzilla". Taylor-Johnson would not have been a bad choice for a younger and rugged Solo, who has demonstrated that he could have the gravitas from his more serious performances for "Nocturnal Animals" that earned him nominations from the Golden Globe and BAFTA, as well as "Nowhere Boy" as John Lennon.

Taron Egerton

While Taron Egerton may have the shortest track record among all the candidates on this list, but he is not any less known. Aside from becoming the main leading character in the "Kingsman" series, Egerton has been trying out some dramatic roles in biopics "Eddie the Eagle" and "Testament of Youth".

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