5 reasons why you must watch "Kin" in cinemas

5 reasons why you must watch "Kin" in cinemas

Myles Truitt in "Kin".

Brought to you by Shawn Levy's 21 Laps Entertainment, the production company that is famously responsible for acclaimed genre movies like "Real Steel", "Arrival" and Netflix's "Stranger Things", "Kin" marks another interesting roster for sci-fi fans out there.

Now showing in our local cinemas nationwide, here are the 5 reasons why "Kin" should be on your cinema watchlist ASAP!

1) It is based on the acclaimed short film

A scene from "Bag Man", the 2014 short film that inspired the big-screen version in "Kin".

"Kin" is actually based on the 2014 short film "Bag Man", which was also directed by Jonathan and Josh Baker. The 14-minute short film was particularly well-received by both critics and viewers and even garnered a nomination for SXSW Grand Jury Award in 2015. You can check out "Bag Man" in its entirety for free on Vimeo.

2) A fascinating blend of different genres

(L-R) Zoe Kravitz, Jack Reynor and Myles Truitt in "Kin".

From the look of the poster, it looks as if "Kin" is a straight-up sci-fi movie, but deep down, directors Jonathan and Josh Baker aim further by meshing their movie with a dash of family drama, road movie and even a crime thriller thrown into the mix. It's the kind of high-concept premise that doesn't rely solely on the sci-fi genre to help sell the movie. This makes the movie unique enough to check out, especially for those who are looking for something different or more than just the usual sci-fi offering. Even Shawn Levy himself, who is one of the producers of the movie, quoted during an interview with Collider earlier this year that "Kin" is a "Terminator" meets "No Country For Old Men" [and] "District 9" by way of "True Romance".

3) Myles Truitt is a bright, up-and-coming newcomer

Dennis Quaid and Myles Truitt in "Kin".

Myles Truitt may have been a nobody in Hollywood but he actually can be seen in minor appearances in various TV series including "Black Lightning", "Queen Sugar" and "Atlanta". However, his feature-length acting debut in "Kin" already gained positive response in the stateside. It's the kind of breakthrough role destined for a bigger thing to come. In fact, he will soon appear in an upcoming action movie called "Dragged Across Concrete" alongside Mel Gibson and Vince Vaughn.

4) A low-budget movie that looks like a big-studio spectacle

A scene from "Kin".

Believe it or not, "Kin" is actually made on a modest budget. But judging from the trailer alone, it sure looks like the budget for the special effects and production design cost a lot more. This is one of the prime examples that sometimes, you don't need to fork out a USD100+ million production budget to achieve a good-looking, effects-laden sci-fi movie.

5) The movie also featured a mix of familiar faces and Hollywood veterans

Myles Truitt, Dennis Quaid and Jack Reynor in a scene from "Kin".

Not only "Kin" features a promising newcomer in the form of Myles Truitt, the movie is also backed by a credible supporting cast. This includes the Irish-American Jack Reynor, the IFTA award-winning actor in 2013's "What Richard Did" and 2016's "Sing Street". He is, of course, best known by most mainstream audiences for his supporting role as Shane Dyson in "Transformers: Age Of Extinction". The others are Zoe Kravitz, who can be seen in notable blockbusters like "X-Men: First Class" and "Mad Max: Fury Road" as well as screen veterans Dennis Quaid and James Franco. Also, do look out for Michael B. Jordan in a cameo role as a cleaner, who also happens to be the movie's executive producer.

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