Watch "Molly's Game" if you liked these 5 movies

Watch "Molly's Game" if you liked these 5 movies

These movies have some similarities to "Molly's Game".

Based on the memoirs of Molly Bloom, "Molly's Game" is the real-life story of an organiser of exclusive and high stakes poker games for the rich and powerful. As a story that involves a rise to power, greed, the careful placement of trust and going into the secret high life of celebrities and criminals alike, it is certainly a movie that is packed with many themes and talents from other movies.

So if you have seen any of these movies, we would highly recommend you to see "Molly's Game" this 8 February onwards because we think you would get something out of it like you have from these other movies.

Miss Sloane

Central to "Molly's Game" is none other than its titular character who is played by Jessica Chastain. As a woman who is ruthless in making her own and is able to deal with often dark and dangerous individuals, this is not a role that is unfamiliar to Chastain. Chastain has already tackled a similar role in the fictional "Miss Sloane", which also involves a woman who gains power in an otherwise cutthroat world of political lobbying, and has to make her way around enemies that could do her harm, albeit this time it all really happened. To sweeten the pot, Chastain was nominated in the Golden Globes for "Miss Sloane", a feat she has repeated with "Molly's Game".

The Social Network

"Molly's Game" is the directorial debut of screenwriter Aaron Sorkin, who we all know for his jabbing lines and rapid-fire dialogue, and we expect no less from "Molly's Game" which Sorkin also wrote the adaptation for. Sorkin also wrote "The Social Network" which partly takes place in the lawyer's office as Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg (played by Jesse Eisenberg) recalls of his partnership with other co-founders beside lawyers to reach a settlement. This would be a familiar scene in "Molly's Game" as Chastain would be answering questions asked by Idris Elba as her lawyer, so it would deserve your minimal amount of attention.

Lucky You

On the surface, the only real connection between this father-son and romance drama of a compulsive gambler with "Molly's Game" is the game of poker. But what they both had in common was the cameo appearances of real professional poker players on set. For "Molly's Game", while the professional players were only hired as extras to sit around tables playing fake games, they ended up playing real games between takes, and coming out of set with substantially more in their pockets than their pay.

The House

In "Molly's Game", we will get to see how private poker games are set up and how it feeds on the funds of an exclusive clientèle. For a much lighter take on this illegal activity, this is pretty much what the parents of "The House" got themselves into when they try to fund their daughter's tuition fees. While Amy Poehler and Will Ferrell may end up accidentally chopping off a finger to protect their racket, the threat of violence in "Molly's Game" are real and involves more than just a finger.

Dances with Wolves

"Molly's Game" is one Oscar-powered outing. Aside from Jessica Chastain who is an Oscar-nominee, "Molly's Game" has two other Oscar nominated actors in the cast. Kevin Costner who plays as Molly's overbearing father, and Graham Greene who plays the judge in charge of Molly's proceedings were both nominated for Best Leading and Supporting Actor respectively for "Dances with Wolves". This is the first picture that they have appeared together since then.

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