"Stranger Things" coming to Genting Highlands this weekend!

"Stranger Things" coming to Genting Highlands this weekend!

A sneak peek at some of the attractions at #StrangerVibes

If you're like us, who've just spent all your free time binge watching the latest season of "Stranger Things", then wait till you find out what's taking place this weekend!

The popular Netflix sci-fi series will bring a special experience for fans in Malaysia to the Good Vibes Festival 2019 held on the grounds of The Ranch at Gohtong Jaya, Genting Highlands this 20 and 21 July 2019.

The #StrangerVibes experience will bring festival goers to the 'Upside Down', with immersive installations and photo opportunities of memorable scenes spanning three seasons of the show.

Admission to the #StrangerVibes experience is free for all Good Vibes festival goers, so don't forget to put on your best 80's inspired outfits for the gram (tag #StrangerVibes and @NetflixMy), because here's what you can expect!

Byers' Living Room ("Stranger Things 1")

This iconic set design is what inspired many Halloween parties. Surely you remember the scenes involving Joyce Byers (Winona Ryder) communicating via the flashing Christmas lights with her missing son Will who was stuck in the Upside Down?

Tip: The Byers' Living Room set would be perfect for photos, but it would be even better as a Boomerang or Instastory post to capture all the flashing light madness just like the image above!

Shadow Monster Backdrop ("Stranger Things 2")

While you sing along to one of this year's Good Vibes act, Cigarettes After Sex's "Apocalypse", why not experience a visual apocalypse with the Shadow Monster backdrop itself for photo opportunities?

Tip: Remember those days when you would bike around your neighbourhood with your pals? This backdrop would bring back the nostalgia, albeit being way scarier!

Palace Arcade ("Stranger Things 2")

Arcades used to be a big thing back then, and if you've watched Season 2, the Palace Arcade is where we were introduced to the newest member of the "Stranger Things" crew, Max, who beat Lucas and Dustin in a game of "Dig Dug". Relive the experience with that very same game, as well as the classic Galaga, Pac-man and Donkey Kong at the Palace Arcade of Good Vibes Festival and win yourself some goodies while you're at it!

Tip: Unfortunately, we have no tip for you here except if you're a gamer, then good on you pal. If not, time to get those skills sharpened!

Snap a Demo-selfie

They may be mean and scary, but what better time is there to channel your inner Eleven and strike your best pose with the predatory baddie from the Upside Down? That's right folks, a fully costumed Demogorgon is set to invade the #StrangerVibes experience.

Local art display

Our very own artist, Ong Lyn-Hui was chosen by Netflix along with 18 other talented artists from around the world selected to create their own artistic interpretations of various episodes. Now you can check out her work in-person on the Stranger Fan Wall too!

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