The Monsters in "Godzilla: King of the Monsters"

The Monsters in "Godzilla: King of the Monsters"

Do you know all these monsters in "Godzilla: King of the Monsters"?

In the post-credits scene of "Kong: Skull Island", Legendary Pictures and Warner Bros. revealed that they have bigger plans for their MonsterVerse. After resurfacing in the present, Godzilla will be joined by new monsters from the Toho stable who would be making their entry into the shared American cinematic universe in "Godzilla: King of the Monsters".

But if you aren't able to tell your Godzilla from your Ghidorah, here's our little handy guide to three of the confirmed monsters that will be in "Godzilla: King of the Monsters".



First appearing in 1961, this gigantic moth-like monster was conceptualised as a goddess of an island culture that is often accompanied by twin female fairies. With a wingspan of over 800 feet, Mothra emits bio-luminescence rays through the patterns on her wings that could blind other monsters. Mothra is more often seen as an ally and protector of humanity that would often side with Godzilla as the Queen of the Monsters. In the MonsterVerse, Mothra's origins is mentioned in Nazca lines found in in Peru, but a living specimen of it was found by Monarch in Yunnan, China.


Named after the winged Pteranodon dinosaur and the mythological Greek dragon, Rodan, or the "Fire Demon" as it is sometimes called, resembles a dark red skinned bird, with a spiked chest, cat-like eyes and a spade-shaped tail. Kept in captivity by Monarch atop of a volcano in the Isle de Mara, "The One Born of Fire" is plated with rock-like scales that not only allow it to stay camouflaged in the volcanic rocks of its home, but also withstand tremendous geothermal heat and projectiles. An internal combustion system lets it breathe flame, and its wings produce a sonic thunderclap that could level cities while flying over it.

King Ghidorah

Introduced by Toho in 1964, this three-headed winged monster is one of Godzilla's most iconic recurring rivals. Much larger in size than Godzilla, its three heads, while capable of having separate cognitive functions, listen mostly to the central head which is the most intelligent and acts as the alpha mind. Three separate actors are captured as the three heads, with other actors as its body. With large bat-like wings that allows it to fly over long distances, they can also create winds as strong as hurricanes.

Among its attacks, King Ghidorah is able to discharge electricity through its wings with the traces of gold in its body that acts as conductors. This can also be used to create localised storms, heating up water to extreme temperatures, or cause a tempest. It's most iconic attack, however, is its golden gravity beam fired through its mouth as its throat flares with energy.

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