5 surprisingly dark April Fool's movies

5 surprisingly dark April Fool's movies

How about some horrified screams in lieu of laughter this April Fool's Day?
How about some horrified screams in lieu of laughter this April Fool's Day?

For movies that are named after one of the most laughter-filled days of the years, the five movies below are surprisingly dark and horrifying.

But why focus on these movies when it's April Fool's Day? Well, seeing that this year is already off to a bleak start, we figure instead of trying to cheer ourselves up with forced laughter, let's just scream out all the negative energy we feel from being cooped up indoors for so long.

Got your popcorns ready? Enjoy the horror!

"April Fool's Day" (1986)

An American mystery slasher film starring Deborah Foreman as college student Muffy St. John, who's letting her cousin and his college friends spend spring break at her island mansion. There, the group of friends discover Muffy has set up various pranks throughout the house, which start out mild but become increasingly disturbing. Things worsen when the group of friends start going missing one after another.

"Killer Party" (1986)

Okay, the name says "Killer Party" but originally, this Canadian supernatural slasher comedy film was entitled "April Fool". The name was changed since Paramount Pictures was releasing a movie with a similar theme and name (see above entry) that same year. This one follows three female sorority pledges who join a hazing party at an abandoned house and unwittingly release a bloodthirsty demonic force.

"April Fools" (2007)

A group of high school friends pull a cruel prank on their nerdy classmate, Melvin, on April Fool's Day. The good girl in the group, Missy, tries to stop the joke from going too far but things escalate, and they accidentally kill Melvin. They cover up the murder but exactly a year later, they find themselves the target of a mysterious killer who is going after them one by one. Missy's father, a detective, must find and stop the killer before Missy becomes the final victim.

"April Fool's Day" (2008)

Though touted as the remake of the 1986 movie of the same name (again, see above, first entry in this list) and described as ""Mean Girls" crossed with horror", this direct-to-video slasher film barely bears a resemblance to the horror hit and is not as much fun to watch as the Lindsay Lohan-starrer. Taylor Cole and Josh Henderson star in this movie as the wealthy Cartier siblings, Desiree and Blaine, who throw an April Fool's Day party at the former's mansion. During a mean-spirited prank on one of the guests, Milan, she accidentally falls to her death. However, the Cartiers and their friends are ruled innocent. One year later, they receive a letter that states one of them must confess to the murder or they will all be dead by midnight.

"Fool's Day" (2013)

This one's a multi award-winning short film by Cody Blue Snider, which premiered at 2013's Tribeca Film Festival. The dark comedy follows a group of fourth graders who accidentally kill their teacher while trying to pull an innocent prank on her. Now they must hide the body before their D.A.R.E. (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) officer finds out, as they are convinced that they will be sent to prison for committing the accidental crime.