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"Divergent 2" Motion Posters!

Writer: Florey DM

Lionsgate takes it up a notch with the new posters for "The Divergent Series: Insurgent", presenting them in an interactive 3D format. 8 posters have been revealed, one for each key character from the movie.

The science fiction action film is a sequel to this year's high-grossing "Divergent". It is the second instalment in the movie franchise and is based on "Insurgent", the second book in the "Divergent" trilogy. The movie will continue to follow Tris Prior as the protagonist tries to find the reason behind Erudite's insurrection while at the same time tries to find out what information the Abnegation are protecting.

Set to hit the cinemas in 2015, Lionsgate teases fans with these newly released posters of Tris and the gang.

Take a look below at the interactive 3D posters:

Tris and Four return in upcoming seqeul.
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Cinema Online, 29 October 2014

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