"Lights Out" and 13 other terrifying movies of all time

"Lights Out" and 13 other terrifying movies of all time

To coincide with the highly-anticipated release of "Lights Out", see our brief intro and expectations of "The Conjuring's" James Wan produced horror as we also handpick the 13 most terrifying movies of all time that sends cold shivers down our spines!

"[Rec]" (2007)

Following the phenomenal success of "The Blair Witch Project" in 1999, the "found footage" horror sub-genre became such a craze that many studios jumped the bandwagon to follow suit. Then in 2007, along came the Spanish director duo, Jaume Balaguero and Paco Plaza, with their terrifying horror entry known as "[REC]". Mixing found-footage horror elements with the zombie genre, the movie centers on TV reporter, Angela Vidal (Manuela Velasco) and her cameraman Pablo (Pablo Rosso) encountering a zombie outbreak inside the building. The pace was relentless yet unnerving, while Balaguero and Plaza knew very well how to stage a series of claustrophobic tension as well as a genuine jump-out-of-your-seat moments involving Pablo investigating a dark attic.

"Insidious" (2011)

Out of all the James Wan films, "Insidious" is said to be his most terrifying one. It even stars "The Conjuring's" Patrick Wilson as the lead who this time around is paired with Rose Byrne as his wife. The story is about a couple who have to deal with their son, Dalton, who goes comatose after falling from the attic of their new home. When they bring him back from the hospital though, weird apparitions start taking place, things start moving by themselves and horrible demonic faces start to pop out one after the other! One particular scene in the movie is even touted as the biggest jump scare in cinema history, so hold on tight to your seats!

"The Woman in Black" (2012)

You might be fooled into watching this movie just because "Harry Potter" star Daniel Radcliffe is in it, but this supernatural period horror will make you regret even challenging the idea of how scary it could possibly be. Well, the answer to that is a yes, a thousand times yes; it is in fact very scary. The story is fairly simple; a young lawyer is sent to an estate to oversee its sale but he somehow unleashes a curse involving a woman clad in black who kills children of the village. The effective use of continuous shots in this film makes you feel as if you yourself are exploring the haunted manor, as the camera pans from left to right across the room looking for the source of unease in a quiet room and hidden black figures.

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