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Remember these "Fast and Furious" baddies?

Writer: Nur Iman Syasya

If you haven't been following the franchise, be warned that this article contains SPOILERS. Everyone is familiar with the members of Dom's crew and their allies. There is no crew without the big man himself, Dominic Toretto, and with the absence of Brian O'Conner, things will never be the same. And while the addition of Luke Hobbs was late to the game, he's quickly become a prominent presence in the franchise. All of the protagonists – past and present – are what makes the "Fast and Furious" franchise so great. And, as is the rule, for every hero – or, well, in this case, anti-hero – there has to be a villain. And since there are so many great protagonists in the franchise, there's got to be just as many antagonists good enough to take them all on. Catch Dom's crew who will face new baddies and burn rubber once more in "Fast and Furious 8" this 13 April.

Arturo Braga – "Fast & Furious 4".

Braga (John Ortiz) was a leader of a drug cartel and an associate of Owen Shaw. Braga created a second identity, Ramon Campos, who was supposedly Braga's second-in-command and proxy, as a way of eluding the FBI. Dom and Brian join his team and eventually find out his true identity. They capture Braga just after he escapes to Mexico and Braga is sentenced to life in prison. He returns in "Fast and Furious 6" where Brian is smuggled into the prison holding him and interrogates him on Owen Shaw and Letty Ortiz's supposed death.

Hernan Reyes – "Fast And Furious 5".

Reyes (Joaquim de Almeida) was a corrupt Brazillian-Portugese businessman and ruthless drug lord who has most of the Rio police on his payroll. Dom and Brian plan to steal Reyes' money to start a new life, thus calling in their friends and allies to form a stronger, better crew. For this, Reyes wants Dom and Brian dead. Reyes had Luke Hobbs' team killed, which made Hobbs join forces with Dom's crew. Near the end of the film, Reyes crashes his car into his vault and is killed by Hobbs in revenge for his team after he crawls out of the wreckage.

Owen Shaw – "Fast And Furious 6".

Owen (Luke Evans) was a Major in the Special Air Service turned mercenary and criminal mastermind. He is the younger brother of Deckard Shaw. He was responsible for Arturo Barga's rise in criminal power and he orchestrated the almost-death of Letty Ortiz. He later recruits the amnesiac Letty into his team of criminals with the mission of robbing high-tech military devices to sell on the black market. Owen's plan was foiled by Dom's crew and he was hospitalised and turned comatose after falling out of his military grade airplane.

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Cinema Online, 04 April 2017

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