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"Jigsaw" army rises in new creepy posters

If you thought the "Saw" franchise has closed when John Kramer the sick puppeteer found his end in the previous instalment, think again. The eighth film in the "Saw" series is coming our way, and it is packed with tons of mystery and – not forgetting – gore. "Jigsaw" explores a town where murder crimes are on the rise with links to the infamous John Kramer. However, with him being dead for over a decade, the investigators are left puzzled and questions start arising as to whether Kramer really is dead, or there is a new Jigsaw in town. Starring Tobin Bell, Laura Vandervoort, Hannah Anderson, Brittany Allen and Callum Keith Rennie, check out the new posters featuring the "Jigsaw" army released by Lionsgate before it opens in cinemas this November.

It seems that a new Jigsaw army is slowly on the rise, faces donning the iconic look of Billy the Puppet.

John Kramer is everything to the Jigsaw army.

Not even death can stop the spread of Kramer, with his trace being everywhere.

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