It's all about Lego Batman at Mid Valley

It's all about Lego Batman at Mid Valley

Not only is "The Batman Lego Movie" releasing this 9 February 2017, Batman and friends are also in town! Come and meet the costumed Lego characters, take photos and ogle at the awesome Lego dioramas, and join in the Lego building contests to win Lego prizes. The all Batman Lego event runs from now until 12 February from 10AM to 10PM at the East Atrium concourse on the ground floor of Mid Valley Megamall. Check out the photos to below on what to expect at the event!

Joker's car in Lego Gotham City.

Check out the cross section of the Bat Cave!

Or if this cute Lego dioramas are you thing, then take a closer look.

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