See the action in "The Osiris Child"

See the action in "The Osiris Child"

"The Osiris Child: Science Fiction Volume One" follows the story of Kane Sommerville – a lieutenant who works for off-world military contractor Exor – who teams up with a drifter called Sy Lombrok in an attempt to rescue his daughter, Indi Sommerville, before a global crisis caused by Exor itself could destroy their world. Take a look at the photos to find out what you can expect from the adrenaline-charged action-packed sci-fi adventure:

Daniel Macpherson and Kellan Lutz star as Lt. Kane Sommerville and a drifter
named Sy Lombrok, respectively.

Teagan Croft plays Indi Sommerville, Kane's daughter whom he is trying to rescue.

One of the Raggeds, creatures secretly created by Exor, that have escaped.

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