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Ivy Chen, Fiona Sit and more go wild in "Girls VS Gangsters"

Writer: Brendan Kwang

Xiwen (Ivy Chen) is about to get married so her friends and bridesmaids take her on a bachelorette trip to Vietnam. The squad, made up of Xiwen's best friends, Kimmy (Fiona Sit) and Jialan (Janine Chang), as well as her fiancé's little sister Jingjing, party hard at a private villa. Things turn crazy as the girls wake up hungover the very next day only to find that Jingjing is nowhere to be found. Xiwen also has a strange tattoo on her neck. With the help of an ex-boxing champion (Mike Tyson), the girls have to rescue Jingjing and save Xiwen's engagement. Get ready for one wild trip in "Girls VS Gangsters", opening in cinemas this 2 March.

The girls enjoying their time in Vietnam.

And they party hard too!

Mike Tyson makes his entry, playing an ex-boxing champ.

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Cinema Online, 22 February 2018

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