In "Code 8", superpowers are outlawed instead of celebrated

In "Code 8", superpowers are outlawed instead of celebrated

Most superhero movies have conditioned our minds to accept superpowers as cool things worthy of envy and admiration. "Code 8" is not one of those movies. This sequel to the 2016 short film of the same name takes a look at superpowers on the less greener side of things. It follows a young man named Reed, who is among the 4% of human population that possess special powers. However, these abilities are outlawed and discrimination towards their kind forces them to turn to crime to claw out of the poverty they're inexplicably thrown into. Scroll through the gallery below to see what's decoding on the big screen when "Code 8" opens in cinemas this 14 November!

There's no escaping the police!

Reed is just trying to provide for his ailing mother but discrimination against
superpowered humans like him make life difficult for them.

He finds that his powers only land him in trouble.

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