Must-watch Thai movies on Netflix

Must-watch Thai movies on Netflix

It's well known that Thailand has a diverse range of cinematic wonder, from comedies to romcoms to horrors and thrillers. Aside from being entertaining, Thai films are also packed with messages and useful lessons for the audience. One of the movies that remain everyone's favourite is "Nang Nak", based on a Thai legend. While we have plenty of time to spend at home, let's take a look at interesting Thai films that we can now watch on Netflix!

Everyone's favourite film! "Bad Genius" tells the story of a brilliant scholarship student
at an elite school, but she decides to earn some extra cash by selling exam answers to
other students. The way these students cheat in exams sure is creative!

"Bangkok Traffic Love Story" is a romantic movie that gives hopes to singles, assuring
them it's not too late to find true love. It follows Mei Li who is feeling lonely after her friends
get married. But everything changes after she meets Lung and begins spending time with the man.

Let's laugh out loud at the antics of this group of friends in the comedy film
"Tootsies and the Fake", who are forced to look for someone to replace a popular celebrity
that has fallen unconscious following an accident. They meet a hawker named Nam, who's had
enough surgery to look like Cathy but is the complete opposite when it comes to her behaviour.

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