Top 10 popular Malaysian film stars on Instagram

Top 10 popular Malaysian film stars on Instagram

Celebrities play an important role on social media. Since they're famous figures, many fans are curious of their personal lives as well as their career. Not only that, they are also influencers who should be giving good examples and influence on the public. For the record, among Malaysian celebrities, Datuk Sri Siti Nurhaliza has the highest number of Instagram followers at 7.8 million. However, for this list, we would like to list down Instagram-popular celebrities who are active in the acting industry.

Among her acting peers, Neelofa has the highest number of Instagram followers, which is 7.6 million!
It's no wonder because she is also a popular host, entrepreneur and fashion icon, who is also
well known internationally, thus making her an idol to many especially the ladies.

Zizan Razak is another popular actor and comedian in Malaysia. Apart from acting,
Zizan is also a talented host and singer. With Instagram followers
numbering at 7.3 million, this makes Zizan the only actor on this list!

Once popular with the drama series "Puteri", Nora Danish continues to be plenty of fans' favourite actress.
With more than 7.1 million followers on Instagram, Nora often shares her skincare routine,
activities with her family, and tons of fun TikTok videos!

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