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We "Overheard" Louis Koo!

Writer: Naseem Randhawa

Hong Kong actor Louis Koo who jumpstarted his acting career through the popular TVB drama "Detective Investigation Files IV" back in 1999, has since become one of the most well-known actors in the Asian entertainment industry. Having gained critical acclaim through his role in 2009's Hong Kong crime-thriller film "Overheard", written and directed by "Infernal Affairs'" Alan Mak and Felix Chong, the actor is back once again with more vigour and action in "Overheard 2", which is touted as not a sequel to the previous film, but a complete fresh action packed story coming to cinemas this August.

Louis Koo interview courtesy of RAM Entertainment.

Q: What is different between your role in "Overheard" and "Overheard 2"? What preparation did you go through so it wouldn't be as similar to your previous role?
I play the role of a leader of a counter-terrorist team in "Overheard 2" who is not actually an easy person to deal with. Additionally, he is a person that will arrest his own wife. The family responsibilities of my character was very heavy in "Overheard 1", because he has children, but this time, he would even arrest his own wife, therefore making himself a loner. In comparison with my previous role, he is still a man that cares about the family very much, only that the work responsibility overshadows being a father.

Q: In "Overheard", your role is more emotional, do you think "Overheard 2" will be emotional too?
The character is more calm and stronger in "Overheard 2". His role in this movie is as the leader of a counter-terrorist team, which is different than the last movie. My character this time is less emotional because he needs to handle the overall situation rationally and everybody has to follow his orders.

Q: You have worked with Lau Ching Wan & Daniel Wu in "Overheard" and now again for its part 2, what's the chemistry or connection like between the three of you?
We had many rivalry scenes in the last movie, but we did not pay too much attention to that this time around because our characters has a difficult direction/story in the movie, hence the vibe is different now. We were all policemen the last time and although it is no longer the same, the movie still brings the feelings of brotherhood about.

Q: What was the director's advice to you before production started to ensure "Overheard 2" gets the success it deserves?
Just for the base of the character, that he said was based mainly on the character's family background. Because he does things ruthlessly and decisively, he would not need to care much about other things. Even though it is his wife, he will arrest her if she breaks the law. Because of he is the leader of the counter-terrorists team; he is very knowledgeable on counter-terrorism. Actually his knowledge is more extensive than "Overheard" because it relates internationally. Other than wire tapping, there are many new things that I have never gotten into before, and I did not need to gain weight for the movie this time too.

Q: What can you tell us about director Alan Mak and Felix Chong?
Firstly, they both know each other very well. After Alan Mak gets done with his briefing, Felix Chong will come in and add on some tips, I am more at ease to collaborate with them, because they know what they want and their exact requirements for the movie. "Overheard" was my first collaboration with them, and now since it is the second time, we know each other better.

Q: What is the most memorable scene or incident you encountered during the production of "Overheard 2"?
The most memorable scene was my character picking up my 'wife' when she was released from prison and then breaking up with her at home.

Q: On a final note, what would you expect and hope from "Overheard 2" when the movie opens in August 2011.
If you like "Overheard", please continue to support "Overheard 2". Although it is produced by the same crew of "Overheard", it's a brand new story. Hope you will like it.

"Overhead 2" will be released in Malaysia & Singapore this August.

Cinema Online, 02 August 2011