Of Marriage in "The Wedding Diary"

Of Marriage in "The Wedding Diary"

Aniu, Adrian Teh and Elanne Kwong had a great time with "The Wedding Diary".
As the first Malaysian-Singaporean joint production film which was released simultaneously in both Malaysian and Singapore, "The Wedding Diary" had gathered stars from Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong to bring audiences a very touching and romantic wedding story in a Chinese community, as well as a lesson in love. Recently, Cinema Online had the opportunity to have a conversation with director Adrian Teh and the leads, Aniu and Elanne Kwong at JW Marriott Hotel, Kuala Lumpur.

Q: Elanne, what was your experience filming in Malaysia and Singapore?

Kwong: Well, this is the first time I'm here in Malaysia and Singapore for filming. To me, acting here had given me the happiest and most memorable experience in my career. I even cried on the last day of shooting because I missed the place and the crew so much. I was also touched by the warmness among the people in Penang.

Q: So would you come back here to shoot more movies?

Kwong: I would. I really would. I've just told Adrian and Aniu that I will surely return to these countries to make another movie like "The Wedding Diary", but maybe with different stories like "The Pregnant Diary" and "The Divorce Diary" [laughs]

Q: Adrian, what is the most unforgettable experience while filming?

Teh: For me, I would say the shooting of a scene at a bridge. There was an accident where the bridge collapsed during our shooting. I'm grateful that nobody was hurt, but most importantly I am thankful for the crew for being so professional in finding ways to help the team to set up the venue again despite the accident. Without their help, it would have been difficult to continue the filming process.

The stars at the Gala Premiere held at GSC Pavillion Kuala Lumpur.
Q: Aniu, would you like to share some of your memorable experiences acting opposite Elanne?

Aniu: I remember that when I needed to shoot a crying scene, I couldn't shed a tear. I don't know why, it's just hard for me to cry in front of the camera. Fortunately, Elanne gave me a hand by telling me some touching stories and eventually we cried together. That was great for forming our chemistry while acting as a couple in the movie.

Q: Since "The Wedding Diary" is a comedy, were there any funny incidents on-set while filming?

Aniu: [Laugh] There was a scene where I had to kiss the camera. I had to kiss directly to the camera as if I was kissing the cameraman.

Q: How different was it to act in "The Wedding Diary" compared to your previous work, Elanne?

Kwong: In my previous movies, I always got the roles that fell in love with a handsome guy who did not like me. This is the first time where I got to act as part of a sweet couple with my co-star.

Q: You have acted with charming actors like Shawn Yue and Nicholas Tse in the past. What do you think of Aniu as an actor?

Kwong: You know what, Aniu is the most handsome actor that I had ever worked with!

Teh: [Laugh] Aniu, you should thank me for casting you in my piece!

Q: Apart from the filming experience, what have you all gained from "The Wedding Diary"?

Teh: It made me realise how the Chinese practice marriage rituals and the meaning of marriage. By the way, I just married my wife after I had finished shooting the movie.

Aniu: Marriage is complicated.

Kwong: I used to look forward to having a grand wedding. But after filming the movie, I found that simplicity make things easier and it brings happiness to the couple as well as their families.

Thank you guys for your time!

Teh, Aniu & Kwong: Thanks!

"The Wedding Diary" is now showing in cinemas at Malaysia and Singapore!

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