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"Lari" actors discuss Aaron Aziz

Writer: Dzamira Dzafri

Hazama Azmi, Dira Abu Zahar, Aaron Aziz and Erin Malek pose for the camera.

Hot off the film's gala premiere, the supporting cast of Ahmad Idham's action-packed "Lari" shares their thoughts on the film's lead star Aaron Aziz, their respective roles and what the future holds for them.

Cinema Online's interview with Dira Abu Zahar, Erin Malek and Hazama Azmi was conducted on 16 May at TGV Sunway Pyramid.

So first off, to Hazama, could you please tell us why you chose to work with director Ahmad Idham again?
My relationship with Ahmad Idham goes way back to my previous film, "Apa Celop Toqq". I already feel comfortable working with him and because Ahmad Idham has a better understanding of my strengths and weaknesses than other directors as I am new in the field, accepting a role in "Lari" is natural for me. I admit that I am still afraid to accept offers from other productions so far.

So you admit that your role in "Lari" is not a far stretch from your previous roles?
I'm just more comfortable with it. Though, I do not want to have too many comedy characters under my belt, because people will remember me as a joker. It will be difficult when I deliver sad songs if it isn't believable to the audience. I still want to continue pursuing my music career.

To Erin, what was it like working so closely with Aaron Aziz?
It was great! He took me under his wing, and with his experiences, he taught me a lot of ways to be better at my profession. He plays my big brother in the film and it did feel like having your own big brother with you during the production of the film.

Did you do any of your own stunts?
My character didn't do as much stunts as Aaron did! I only did pretty simple stuff like running and jumping but otherwise the shooting for the film pretty straightforward.

Aaron Aziz and Erin Malek.

What are your future plans for acting?
I'm starting filming for another movie adaptation of "Cinderella".

Will you be playing the title character?
[Laughs] No, instead I'll be playing one of the stepsisters!

To Dira, can you tell us about your character Maya?
Well, my character Maya doesn't really have too much dialogue, but it gives me more space to use my emotions to portray my character instead. I had to get her internal feelings out in her scenes with Khaliff (Aaron Aziz's character) as my character is the wife of a bad guy.

What about your stunts? Did you have any stunts you did yourself?
I actually hoped I had more stunts to do! I have very little stunts for my character but that's the way the film's story goes. Though, Ahmad Idham did use some of my toughness to make the film!

Thank you Hazama, Erin and Dira for talking with us at Cinema Online!
No problem!

Cinema Online, 31 May 2013