Luna Maya talks "Tembus" and more

Luna Maya talks "Tembus" and more

Indonesian soap opera actress Luna Maya will appear in "Tembus".

Cinema Online was lucky enough to catch up with Luna Maya on the set of Ahmad Idham's upcoming film, "Tembus", which also stars Singaporean actor Aaron Aziz and Nur Fazura. Luna Maya shares with us her experiences on the set of "Tembus" and we try to find out more about her future projects.

Cinema Online's interview with Luna Maya was conducted at WW Hotel on 3 September 2013.

So Luna, first off, could you explain to us more about your character in the film?

My character is a woman from Jakarta who travels back and forth to Malaysia. In a way, Malaysia has become her second home and she can speak a bit of Malay. She meets Aaron's character by accident and falls in love with him, but it becomes a scandal.

If I am not mistaken, this is the first time you have ever acted with Aaron Aziz. What do you think of him?
He is sweet and nice and everyone looks up to him. He has that character, it is a good thing.

Is it very different working with a Malaysian production?
Well, it's more relaxed in Malaysia. In Indonesia, I'd be picked up at 5am to get to the location by 6am, and by 8am we would start filming, but that is for film. For drama, it's more relaxing since we only start shooting in the afternoon. In Malaysia, well, our schedules are generally more laid back.

Luna Maya also appears in "Pintu Harmonika", which is showing on Astro First.

Having seen the script, do you have a lot of lines in this film?
Well, most of the scenes I don't talk so much. The producers asked that I don't try too hard to talk in Malay as my character is from Indonesia who happens to work here. Although she can speak in Malay, she is not supposed to be as good as the locals.

It's also the first time you are acting with Nur Fazura too. How is it like to work with her?
Yeah it is, but no, I have not had the chance yet. We have not had to properly interact because my scenes are shot before hers. When I am done, she arrives and vice versa.

So what do think of director Ahmad Idham, is it hard working with him?
Well, Idham is a very nice, fun and open to suggestions.

Any upcoming projects after "Tembus"?
I have a new talk show, a drama and a film. We haven't finalized any details yet, so I'm not too sure about the story and cast.