Zahiril Adzim to slow down

Zahiril Adzim to slow down

Zahiril Adzim plays Daim in "Juvana".

If you are a fan of TV3's hit series "Juvana", you are definitely no stranger to Zahiril Adzim's remarkable portrayal of the pitiful Daim, the protagonist. The former Malaysian Film Festival winner made his return to the big screen with director Faisal Ishak's film adaptation of "Juvana", which is also the latter's directorial debut. However, despite the growing demand for the Taiping-born star in films and television, Zahiril has recently decided to stay away from the limelight for the time being, due to his wife, actress Shera Ayob's pregnancy.

During Cinema Online's interview with Zahiril, he talked about his portrayal of Daim then and now, his experiences working with Faisal Ishak and his wife, as well as his choice to be on hiatus.

Cinema Online's interview with Zahiril Adzim was conducted on 9 January at Cathay Cineplex, eCurve in Petaling Jaya.

Q: Hi, Zahiril. Can you tell us the differences between your portrayal of Daim in the television series and the one you played in the movie "Juvana"?
Zahiril Adzim:
Well, in the movie, Daim is still a physically weak but mentally strong kind of person but this time I tried to make the role braver. The fans were expecting to see him be more courageous by the end, but it didn't happen, thus this movie aims to give them what they wanted that they couldn't before. You'll get to see Daim fighting back.

Q: How's working with rookie director Faisal Ishak?
I respect him a lot as he's a very understanding director. He gives us a chance to discuss with him whenever we [the actors] wanted to try something different during filming. Most importantly, he always knows what he wants clearly. As an actor, a mutual understanding with the director provides us confidence to perform our roles better.

Zahiril Adzim and his wife Shera Ayob.

Q: In "Juvana", your character has been dealing with his crush, Sara, which is played by your off-screen wife Shera. Is it awkward for both of you to play an on-screen couple?
Professional attitude is the first thing that we prioritise. Me and Shera were aware of the situation and we tried our best to work professionally together despite our real-life relationship when filming our romantic scenes. It's fun to work with my wife!

Q: How many months have she been having the baby and are you nervous?
Four months. It's our first child, so I'm really nervous and excited. This year, I will slow myself down a bit and stay away from the spotlight for a while, although I've been getting a lot of calls from different parties to star in upcoming television series and movies. Right now, I just want to be a responsible husband and a father by spending more time with Shera and my newborn baby.

Q: What are your upcoming projects?
I'll only be appearing in director Ishak's new 13-episode TV series. It's called "Hanya Pada Mu".

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