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Made with "Bullets Over Petaling Street"

Writer: Casey Chong

The cast and crew of "Bullets Over Petaling Street".

After the success of "Petaling Street Warriors" in 2011, another Petaling Street-based movie has made waves in our local scene, and that movie is none other than "Bullets Over Petaling Street"!

Cinema Online had chat with the film's director Sampson Yuen, actors Debbie Goh, William San, Cheryl Lee and KK Wong, and here's what they have got to say on making the movie.

Cinema Online's interview with director Sampson Yuen, actors Debbie Goh, William San, Cheryl Lee and KK Wong conducted on 12 February at GSC Mid Valley.

Q: Sampson, what is your most difficult challenge shooting at a busy territory like Petaling Street?
Sampson: We start as early as 6.00am to prepare everything... set-up, make-up and so on. We try our best not to disturb the traders doing their business or the tourists shopping at Petaling Street.

Q: Tell us about the crowds' reaction during the day action shooting scenes in the movie. Are their reactions real or is it all rehearsed?
Debbie: The scene involves a lot of people. There are like about six, seven or ten stalls appearing on the screen itself. When they hear the gunshot, their reactions are very real, so it turns out like the whole scene blends in.

William: To put it another way, it's like saving our budget because we get free extras (laughs).

Q: Are the people in Petaling Street cooperative during the shoot?
Debbie: I can say most of them are very friendly. We spent our time at Petaling Street from 6.00am up to 4.00 and 5.00am the next morning. After almost a whole month at Petaling Street, the people there can shout our names to greet us.

William: It's like we're neighbours.

Debbie: Still, it's a tough shoot. We did get people asking us to stay away because we were apparently disturbing their business.

Q: How do you feel about the action scenes in the movie? Is it difficult?
KK: Actually we have got a trainer on set. They made the gun and they even taught us how to hold the gun.

Cheryl: They also taught us how to dismantle the gun and assemble it as well.

Q: Are the weapons used during the filming real?
Cheryl: No, I don't think we were allowed to shoot with real weapons. What you see in the movie is only the replica version.

Q: Cheryl, tell us about your experience playing an action role.
Cheryl: In one of the early scenes of the movie, I have to kill Steve Yap's character. I really hurt my hand during the shoot when I had to lie on top of the food stall. It's really difficult for me, because this is my first-ever action scene. I don't know how to use the strength of my hand and my weight. When you can handle the gun but you can't handle your body weight and when you can handle your body weight, but you can't handle your facial expression. Yeah, it's really complicated.

"Bullets Over Petaling Street" is now showing in cinemas.

Cinema Online, 25 February 2014

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