Aaron Aziz challenges self with "Romeo Kota"

Aaron Aziz challenges self with "Romeo Kota"

The cast of "Romeo Kota".

Aaron Aziz is a name that needs no further introduction. Not only is Aaron a talented actor, he also has good looks that complete the package for him to shine as one of the industry's best gems.

Now, the actor has decided to take it up a notch and give film directing a try, coming up with his directorial debut – an action-comedy film.

Having had prior experiences directing telemovies and music videos, Aaron challenges himself to direct a film after receiving an offer from producer Ahmad Idham.

Find out what the actor-director, who recently attended the premiere of "Romeo Kota: Kes Fail Kriptik" at Cathay Cineplex, has to say about his first ever film directing challenge.

Aaron Aziz was both the actor and director for "Romeo Kota".

Hi Aaron, do you mind sharing with us how you got involved in directing the film in the first place?

It all started when I was given an acting role in the film. Little did I expect, Ahmad Idham would offer me the directing role as well. Alhamdulillah, it was a blessing for me. I have long harboured the wish to direct my own feature film.

Was it difficult to direct the film, especially since you were entrusted the task by Ahmad Idham himself?

At first I found it hard to believe that he would give me the chance to direct the film. But since I myself have had experiences directing several telemovies and music videos, I believed that I was capable of handling the task. I was also aware of the pressure I would be under doing both the directing and acting in the film.

Aaron Aziz flanked by Nabil Ahmad (L) and Ahmad Idham.

What were you inspired by in making the film?

Honestly, I am not well-versed in comedy. But since nowadays the demands are higher for comedy films, I injected some comedic elements into it. I took inspiration from the Hollywood film, "Bad Boys". Other than that, Ahmad Idham and I also discussed the script and storyline together. This film touches on the issue among university students, about drugs and peers.

What were the challenges you faced while filming and how long did it take to wrap up "Romeo Kota"?

The challenge lies in the preparation period. Even though the pre-production was done in such a limited time, I somehow managed to successfully wrap up filming. This is all thanks to the hard work, and team work, from the cast as well as crew. As is the norm, there will be small issues that would come up but everything managed to be resolved through proper communication.

The actors' stamina was also a challenging aspect, as sixty percent of the film involved action scenes. However, everything went well due to the cast's commitment. Alhamdulillah, even with the tight schedule, the filming in Kuala Lumpur was successfully done after 27 days.

How was the casting done, did you get to choose actors of your own choice?

I listed down the names of the actors I thought would be suitable to act alongside me in the lead role. In the end, I went with Nabil Ahmad. I think he would suit the police character well because of his laid-back humour and his strong physique. He matches well with my height and would not look so out of place paired up with me. I also asked Ahmad Idham to look for any actor who hasn't been seen for a while. He suggested Datin Nina Juren. My daughter was involved in the filming as well, she was stepping in for the child actress who couldn't make it to the filming.

What are your hopes and targets for your first film as a director? Will you be able to handle the criticism from the audience?

I hope that the movie will get a positive reception from fans and moviegoers. I am prepared for any criticism for the film, be it good or bad. I will take the criticism into consideration and use it to produce a better film in the future.

Thank you Aaron!

You're welcome!

To fans of action-comedy films and Aaron Aziz, catch the actor's first film "Romeo Kota: Kes Fail Kriptik" in cinemas this 8 January 2015.

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