Farid Kamil is "Abang Lejen"

Farid Kamil is "Abang Lejen"

The cast of "Abang Lejen".

Mangkin Prestij (MP) have released their fourth film, "Abang Lejen", an action comedy directed by Azaromi Ghozali which tells the comedic story of two brothers with a little mix of action.

According to the director, he decided to bring back the Bollywood style in his latest film as he used to do with all of his other projects in order to diversify his work from other directors in the country.

His latest, "Abang Lejen" features a strong lineup; Farid Kamil, Intan Ladyana, Adiba Yunus as well as Fadlan Hazim who all make up the main cast of the film.

At the recent press preview of "Abang Lejen" at Cathay Cineplex Ecurve, Cinema Online caught up with the main lead, Farid Kamil, who talked about the film, being a husband to local actress Diana Danielle and his upcoming showbiz project.

What had interested you to act in this film?

Farid Kamil:
It is because of the theme. The siblings theme is rarely portrayed in films nowadays and I feel that it is good that this film decided to focus on it.

The collection for local films these days have been on a decline, what are your thoughts on this?

Now, if we look at the cinemas' collections on local film, it is indeed very disappointing compared to five or six years ago. Nevertheless, in my opinion, I think it is because there are too many films for cinemagoers to choose from now and most of their choices are not local films.

So, what type of film genres do you think would still be relevant from 2 to 5 years later?

For me, I believe the genres that will still be well-received among the audiences 5 years later are probably horror and action.

Farid Kamil at the "Abang Lejen" press preview.

On the controversy concerning your wife Diana Danielle for her daring sexy pose in a local magazine recently, what are your comments on this?

I apologise but I don't want to give any comment on that because I believe the question should be directed to my wife's management Prokuya Studio. As her husband, I refuse to mix my personal affairs with my work.

What I can say is that this situation is a 'hybrid problem', which is something that I have never experienced before. Maybe this is a test for me as an artiste. I just hope that everything will turn out for the best. This is something that I did not expect and I believe that for someone who wants to be a legend, he or she will surely face many challenges and tests along the way.

Back to your acting career, you seem to be appearing less on the big and small screens recently. Are you somewhat trying to reduce your participation in acting?

Actually, right now I am quite selective when it comes to choosing scripts. I think quality is more important than quantity.

What has been your recent involvement in the showbiz industry?

I am now in talks to direct a film. It has been three years since I last directed, but I need to wait for the final word from the production first.

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