"Return of the Cuckoo" returns after 15 years

"Return of the Cuckoo" returns after 15 years

The cast of "Return of the Cuckoo" reunites after 15 years for a movie.

Julian Cheung, Charmaine Sheh and Nancy Sit had embarked on a media tour to Malaysia and Singapore recently to promote their latest movie, "Return of the Cuckoo".

"Return of the Cuckoo" is a movie that is adapted from the popular TVB series of the same name which was first aired 15 years ago. The plot continues from where the 20-episode series left off.

Last Sunday, the three returning cast came down to Kuala Lumpur for a press conference followed by a special meet and greet session with their fans.

During the press conference at JW Marriott hotel, the cast told Cinema Online how it feels like to reunite after 15 years to bring the popular story back to life once again.

How does it feel to be back in Malaysia?

Nancy: It feels great to be back here, I have always loved visiting Malaysia. So I think it's nice to come here again.

Charmaine: I too am glad to come back here to meet my fans in Malaysia.

Julian: So do I. I have been to Malaysia so many times before so I am very familiar with Malaysia. I can even order the food without looking at the menu. [laughs]

How does it feel reuniting with the cast after 15 years?

Julian: It is very unexpected. For a movie to continue from a drama from 15 years ago is not something easy to achieve, and I don't think there's any other drama that waits this long to be turned into a movie. I'm sure everyone is so looking forward for this movie.

Nancy: I feel very touched. It is exactly as what Julian said, a drama turning into a movie is very common nowadays, but to have a movie that continues its story from 15 years ago is probably a first.

Julian: I think it's the first in Hong Kong film history.

Nancy: Back then, Julian and Charmaine were so young and still learning the trade, now they have grown so much. I have this very familiar feeling with them, probably because we acted together before and I really enjoyed working with them once again. I'm also very touched that the audience still remembers our characters even after 15 years. So we feel very nostalgic acting in this film, especially when we hear Julian's iconic soundtrack of the drama!

Charmaine: I never thought that I would get to play this character once again. It gives off a nostalgic feeling and it is really nice to be able to act with everyone once again as everyone is willing to clear their schedules to make this film work.

Nancy: It's a good thing that some of us are still around. [laughs]

Nancy Sit plays Aunt Q in the film.

What is your box office expectation of this movie?

Nancy: We hope that you all don't miss the chance to watch this movie. I am actually very thankful to the media for supporting this movie. In Hong Kong, a lot of people have been asking us for the tickets so that they can support us. We're really touched by all of your support. In regards of the box office, I'm very confident that the movie will perform very well because the acting performances of Julian and Charmaine are very good, mine is better of course! [laughs]

Julian, after watching Charmaine's performance in the movie, do you think she would have the chance to win a Best Actress award?

Julian: I think she would get nominated for a Best Actress award, definitely. It is hard to find someone who can portray such a good performance that is full of emotion. I think it's because we have acted together so many times before, therefore we are very compatible with each other. I also think that other cast also did very well aside from Charmaine like Joe Chen and of course Nancy.

Nancy: I thought you wouldn't mention my name. [laughs]

Julian: I believe that this movie has a lot of strong actresses.

Julian AKA Chilam plays Man Cho, a mute person.

Were there any difficulties taking on the same roles again after so long?

Nancy: Actually, I think this movie is hard to act in because there are so many emotions and inner conflicts. However, even without dialogues you can easily understand what they're trying to say just by looking at their eyes and expression. Each one of them was very focused on their characters. Julian provided us a lot of input during the film shoot and Charmaine was very dedicated to her role. Everyone worked so hard, so I feel touched when I watched them. We even shared a single tissue while watching the movie.

Julian: Yeah, there's this one scene which is very sad, so everyone cried their eyes out, but there's only one tissue, so we spilt it into four! [laughs]

Is there any possibility for a sequel?

Julian: I don't think there will be a sequel, because we can't wait for another 15 years.

Nancy: The two of them might still be here after 15 years, but I don't think that I will! [laughs]

Charmaine: You're still young and you can still act! [laughs]

Julian: Actually I think that the drama already has a good ending, so when we decided to do the movie we were not sure how to start because it might not end very well. But I'm glad that we managed to complete something that is quite impossible. So if you want us to do it again, I think I'll vomit blood! [laughs]

Did the director provide a lot of input for the movie?

Nancy: Yes, although he actually asked about things a lot because we used to act in it. [laughs] it's funny that a lot of the cast find it easy to immerse into the characters, I think it's because we used to play it that's why we have this very special connection with the characters.

Are there any memorable scenes in the film?

Julian: I think the whole 1 hour and 30 minutes is amazing. So I think every scene is memorable to me.

Nancy: I love the scene where both of them have to do the bungee jump.

Julian: Because you don't have to do it! [laughs]

Charmaine: Actually she's the one who was supposed to jump! [laughs]

Charmaine plays Man Cho adopted sister, Kwan Ho.

You managed to change the original script?

Nancy: Yes, the director initially wanted me to jump, it supposed to represent the mother's love. But did you know how tall that place is? I felt very pressured by it. Every night I couldn't sleep thinking I have to do that scene. Then, Julian and Charmaine proposed, "Why don't we jump instead?" I can't believe that there are people who are so brave and kind in this world! [laughs] But I think the scene looks nicer when they jumped instead. A lot of people also like that scene.

Charmaine: To tell the truth, I was really scared of that scene. I don't have acrophobia actually, but when you're there you'll realise that it's actually really scary! I think it's because you have to do it yourself. Usually people will control your fall with a wire but in this scene, no one is helping you with that, you have to fall yourself. The impact was quite strong and it hurts a bit.

Nancy, your relationship with the two cast is so good, have you ever thought of adopting both of them?

Nancy: Errr... [laughs]

Julian: We already know the answer to that! [laughs]

Nancy: That's not it, because I already have three children of my own! Of course I'd want to! I already treat them like my own children.

Charmaine: Every time we see her we will also automatically call her "Mom".

Nancy: Yes, both of them love me and respect me a lot. They always care for me, like when I'm hungry, they will buy food for me. When I'm tired, they'll let me rest. They're very nice, so I guess they're okay. [laughs]

The three of them have very good relationship with each other.

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