Second movie in "Shuttle Life" trilogy is in the works

Second movie in "Shuttle Life" trilogy is in the works

"Shuttle Life" director Tan Seng Kiat and main actor Jack Tan with their Audience Choice Award trophy at MGGA 2018.

Tan Seng Kiat's feature directorial debut "Shuttle Life" bagged the Audience Choice Awards at the 2nd Malaysia Golden Global Awards (MGGA), held earlier this month at the Plenary Hall KLCC.

In spite of the numerous accolades the movie has won at other international film festivals, the team behind it was still ecstatic with their win for the night.

Cinema Online spoke to main actor Jack Tan, the 27-year-old who music fans would recognise as one half of the Mandopop duo Thomas Jack, director Tan, and producers Ong Lay Jin and Roland Lee, who produced "Shuttle Life" under their banner More Entertainment.

As it turns out, "Shuttle Life" is really just the beginning of a trilogy. Two more movies are set to follow, with the upcoming sequel set to be directed by Charlotte Lim Lay Kuen, a female filmmaker hailing from Malacca who's worked as assistant director on movies like Anthony Chen's "Ilo Ilo" and Ang Lee's "Lust, Caution".

Much like "Shuttle Life", the sequel will focus on the grimmer side of society. Based on true events, the new movie is said to be set during a dark time in Malaysian medical history, as doctors struggle to cure a disease that back then was known to be incurable.

Read on to find out the "Shuttle Life" team's thoughts on winning and their upcoming plans in the near future.

Jack Tan and producer Roland Lee accepting the award onstage.

Cinema Online: How do you feel about winning the Audience Choice Award?

Jack: I feel so happy. Thanks to the audience because they liked our movie.

Ong: It was unexpected because there are 25 movies in this festival. Of course, we were hoping to win something and this award is definitely a good one.

Jack: Our director mentioned this just now. There are only five judges but hundreds of audience members. So it's actually more difficult to win the approval of so many people.

Your movie was also nominated in other categories but unfortunately it didn't win.

Jack: Yeah, but it's okay. Today is my birthday! I feel good! [Laughs].

Well, happy birthday! Okay, so what are you working on next, now that "Shuttle Life" is done?

Lee: Actually, "Shuttle Life" is a trilogy. So we have two more movies. It's about society and the different types of people in it. We're working on the second one now. It'll be with a different director and cast.

Two more follow-ups will be released in cinemas to complete the "Shuttle Life" trilogy.

When is the second movie planned for release?

Ong: The script is still in development so no idea yet. We'll be working with a Malaysian female director, Charlotte Lim, and we're waiting for her to return from Singapore.

Lee: The movie will be called "The Way Home".

What about you, Tan and Jack, anything else you're working on?

Tan: I'll be directing the third movie in the "Shuttle Life" trilogy. [Jokes] I don't know if I'll cast Jack again, I can't see the movie yet, it's in the future. I'm also working on my own movie right now, "One Fine Day".

Jack: I'm currently preparing a Thomas Jack album, we're hoping to release it this year.

Ong: Jack has a lot of offers for movies right now but we're still selecting the best scripts for him.

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