Bront Palarae and Rebecca Lim are enemies in "The Bridge 2"

Bront Palarae and Rebecca Lim are enemies in "The Bridge 2"

 Bront Palarae is bringing more action in the second season of "The Bridge"!
Bront Palarae is bringing more action in the second season of "The Bridge"!

Following the success of its first season, popular series "The Bridge" returns with a second season that can now be viewed on video streaming platform Viu.

The original Hans Rosenfeldt-penned Scandinavian series of the same name that it is based on has been adapted into several remakes and Malaysia is the first Asian country to do so, combining talents from two countries, namely Malaysia's Bront Palarae and Singapore's Rebecca Lim.

The first season's success has encouraged producer Double Vision to come up with a second season that's set on a larger scale, involving actors from four countries: Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and the Philippines.

"The Bridge" Season 2, directed by TJ Lee, Jason Chong and Zahir Omar, picks up a year after the events in the first season. A Singapore-registered ship is found adrift in the waters of Johor, Malaysia, with the dead bodies of an Indonesian family in it. ICD officer Serena Teo has to investigate the murder case and this time, she will have to work together with Heri, an ICD officer from Indonesia. Meanwhile, Megat has resigned from his work as an ICD officer in Malaysia and is now looking to start anew. However, both Megat and Serena will meet once again in an unexpected situation.

Recently, Viu held an online launch of "The Bridge" Season 2, where Cinema Online had the chance to interview the stars Bront Palarae and Rebecca Lim.

Let's check out the interview with them below.

Rebecca Lim seen here in a scene with Bront Palarae.

Cinema Online: You're reprising your respective roles as Megat and Serena, what's different with your characters this time around?

Bront: There'll definitely be an apparent difference in this second season. If in the first season Megat was an ICD officer, this time he has resigned and is doing his own thing. However, he finds his path is connected to a murder case that's being investigated by ICD officer Serena. Viewers will be treated to a different side of Megat, which they'd never come to expect.

Rebecca: My character has no apparent difference compared to Megat. For the second season, Serena is still the same, a serious person and committed to her investigative work. What viewers can look forward to when it comes to Serena is more action. I thought the action in this season will be the same as the previous season's but i was proven wrong as I had to do a lot more action for this second season.

What made you excited to return for a second season of "The Bridge"?

Bront: Like I mentioned, Megat is very different this time around. This time, he's looking for forgiveness and redemption, including fixing his relationship with his wife. So my character this time is not the same and viewers will be taken on a ride as Megat's life, which can be described as a roller coaster, is explored more.

Rebecca: To me, this season gives me more room to showcase my acting capability. "The Bridge" Season 2 is like a 'bridge' that connects a few countries in one work. In the first season, only two countries were involved, Malaysia and Singapore, but in this new season there are four countries which are Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and the Philippines.

How was it like working with actors from other countries?

Rebecca: It was a valuable experience for me and the major thing for me was I got to see and learn of other countries' cultures. Each one had its own 'behaviour' and this proves that the production of "The Bridge" Season 2 is more interesting.

Do you think that viewers who haven't seen Season 1 will be able to enjoy Season 2?

Bront: Sure! The storyline for Season 2 is not a continuation of the series' first season, so to those who haven't watched Season 1, there's no problem for them to enjoy the second one. The second season is only going to show a continuation for the main characters. But I suggest that they watch the first season anyway to get a clearer picture about the series.

Rebecca, you said that you had to do a lot more action in the second season. How long did you have to train for it?

Rebecca: For Season 1, I was given three days to undergo training but for Season 2, I didn't have a lot of time to train. However, I draw from my experience in the previous season in order to film this new season. I also did a lot of my own stunts without using a stunt double.

*Aside from Bront Palarae and Rebecca Lim, the second season of "The Bridge" also stars Ario Bayu, Joseph Marko, Fikry Ibrahim, Wan Hanafi Su and many more.