Fattah Amin ready to become producer next year

Fattah Amin ready to become producer next year

Fattah Amin will try to fix his shortcomings in order to ensure his acting quality.
Fattah Amin will try to fix his shortcomings in order to ensure his acting quality.

Year after year, fellow celebrities and fans alike notice that Fattah Amin's acting quality continues to improve. In fact, the actor has also been busy pushing his career by venturing into music and business as well.

Aside from launching the western food franchise Meat Cartel, Fattah has also recently released an Islamic-concept single called "Kiriman Agung", created by Hafiz Hamidun and Fedtri Yahya.

In his first horror movie, "Miimaland", Fattah plays the lead character named Ariel, who heads a group that's investigating the mystery behind the once popular 1990s theme park, Mimaland, and is working on a documentary about the now abandoned place.

Cinema Online had the chance to interview Fattah at the gala premiere of "Miimaland", also attended by director Nevin Hiong and his fellow cast members, at mmCineplexes eCurve, Damansara recently.

Let's take a look at our interview with Fattah Amin.

The cast of "Miimaland" with the producer and director at the movie's recent gala premiere.

Cinema Online: What made you interested in accepting the offer to star in this movie?

Fattah: It's the movie title "Miimaland" that made me interested in accepting the role. I myself want to find out what happened in Mimaland. After reading the script, only then I knew that it was a sci-fi and has been written based on original ideas. However, the storyline is not cliché and I think my character's development is also interesting.

Farah Ahmad praises you for the improvement in your acting, so are you satisfied with your own performance?

Of course, as an actor, I'll feel dissatisfied a lot because there are still many sides of acting that I have to explore. Plus this is my first horror movie, so there's still a lot of characters that I wish to play and have yet to try. Talking about improvement, of course I always want to improve myself because I don't think that I've done well. I will continue to flesh out my hidden talents.

Care to share your preparation for this movie?

The moment I got the script, I immediately did a research on Mimaland. I think not just me, but many people out there are also curious of what happened in Mimaland. I once went there when I was little. So if I were to act at such a place, I'll need to be fully prepared mentally and physically. I know horror movies are not like romantic movies, so there must be a lot of heavy scenes that mess with emotions. So I made my own preparations.

Did you experience anything strange or spooky during the filming?

I did not face anything serious but I heard that there were other actors who experienced disturbances. I also saw the car that we wanted to use suddenly breaking down. There were also a few things that happened right in front of my eyes, I'm not sure if I can reveal them. Also, I saw that while we were trying to film a rain scene, the fire truck that we brought was already filled with water but the hose wouldn't work. Even though a few strange things happened on set, but Alhamdulillah everything went well

The director stated that you alone are enough to fulfil the movie's commercial value as the other cast members are newcomers. Any thought on this?

Actually, I just do my best. When I receive a good script and the character is one that will challenge me to become a better actor, that's is what I hold on to. Not to say that I'm the most famous or the most experienced in acting, I don't look at all that. To me, a movie's strength depends on the whole production team, not just one actor. Everyone involved in the movie contributes to its success.

What projects are you working on next?

There are two more of my movies that have yet to be shown, "Mat Kilau" and "Deleted". After that, Insya-Allah I am working on producing my first movie next year. I will also star in this movie. It's a psycho thriller genre. Anyone who knows me would know that I previously studied production management and the interest in me to produce has always existed, I just never had the chance to do it. So, I'm taking this chance, it's just that right now it's still in the scripting process. The original storyline is by me, so I am also involved in the scriptwriting.

Don't miss out on catching "Miimaland " in cinemas this 24 September!

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