Local filmmaker re-establishes her name in "Mukhsin"

Local filmmaker re-establishes her name in "Mukhsin"

1 Mar - The producers and the director for the local film "Mukhsin" met the press at the premiere of "Mukhsin" on 27 Feb 2007 at GSC Mid Valley.

The event was also attended by the cast namely Mohd Shafie Naswip, Sharifah Aryana, Ida Nerina, Adibah Noor, as well as other local celebrities like Sharifah Amani and Alun Yun. Unfortunately, Sharifah Aleya who was also one of the cast, was not present at the event.

There are two reasons why "Mukhsin" deserves a big round of applause. For one, it won two awards at the recent Berlin Film Fest – the Grand Prix by the Kinderfilmfest International Jury and the Generation K-Plus Crystal Bear Special Mention; and two - "Mukhsin" did not suffer any cuts from the Malaysian Censorship Board.

Yasmin's latest film, "Mukhsin" maintains Orked's story, as in "Sepet" and "Gubra", but this time, it focuses on Orked's childhood life.

The Malaysian-made movie was written and directed by Yasmin Ahmad, who repeatedly praised her cast (family) for making "Mukhsin" a success.

Cast and crew of "Mukhsin" They are like a big family to me – Yasmin.
"We were expecting 14 days to complete the shooting, but we took only 12 days to do it. The rehearsals took about two months", Yasmin said.

When asked what the biggest challenge when directing the movie was, Yasmin said it was the script. "We cannot just direct a movie by following the script 100% because along the way, we will realise that some scenes need to be modified."

"For example, when I was directing the scene where Orked, together with her family and Mukhsin were on their way to get rid of their family cat, it was supposed to mean that the cat will no longer exist in the story, but towards the end, the cat unites with her family. The scene where the cat comes back was not in the script, but like I said, some scenes need to be modified along the way and we modified that," she said.

In a short interview with Mohd Shafie Naswip who plays Mukhsin in the movie, the young boy revealed that he actually had no intention of auditioning for the role. "I was accompanying my cousin to the audition but since I was there, I thought I might as well go for the audition. Two weeks later, I received a call which said that I got the role for Mukhsin", said Shafie.

Shafie also admits that he was shy when he was acting in the first few scenes.

"At first I was shy, but then I slowly approached Aryana, talked to her and I felt much better. She has experience in acting and that was what I wanted to learn from her", he said.

Sharifah Aryana (Orked) and Mohd. Shafie (Mukhsin) in "Mukhsin" Both lead actors posed for a photograph after the press conference.
"Mukshin" which was filmed in mainly two languages, Malay and English, tells the story of Mukhsin, when he was 12 and Orked, when she was 10. The first time Orked set eyes on Mukhsin was when he saw the girl playing in the rain. Thus began their friendship sharing their time together cycling, climbing trees and flying kites.

But everything came to an end when Mukhsin had to go back to his village. Mukhsin never promised that he would be back, but Orked assured him that she would ask her parents to drop by at Mukhsin's place. However, a misunderstanding strikes a few days before Mukhsin's departure, causing him to leave without saying goodbye to Orked.

""Mukhsin" opens nationwide on 8 March 2007.

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