Salty Popcorn Gets 'Mixed Reviews'

Salty Popcorn Gets 'Mixed Reviews'

19 Mar – Cathay Cineplex's new snack flavour – the Salty Popcorn – got mixed 'reviews' from Cinema Online's movie-goers last week.

In a previous report, Samantha Surin of Cathay said this new taste, which was launched this month, was to provide another choice of popcorn to their patrons (besides the sweet caramel).

During the screening of "Pan's Labyrinth" by Cinema Online on 13 March, we got our winners to try out the new flavour and tell us what they thought of the new taste.

After trying out the new snack, the winners were asked: What do you think of Salty Popcorn, and if you get to choose a new flavour, what would it be?"

Tammy(R): It's fabulous, makes my tongue livelier, good wake-up call! Durian popcorn.
Dennis(L): It is something different, I like it. Cheese popcorn.
Gan(R): I still prefer sweet caramel. Chocolate popcorn.
Joey(L): It tastes a bit weird. I like salty food, but this one is too salty, like eating salt. Peanut butter or vanilla popcorn.
Grace: It is not crispy enough. Black pepper popcorn. Nicholas(L): I still prefer the sweet one. It's quite salty. Capuccino popcorn
Kelly(R): It's OK, but I still prefer the sweet caramel taste. Chocolate Popcorn
Kathy: It is not only too salty, but also not crispy enough. Chocolate, Coffee, Milo, Strawberry popcorn.