Elephant & The Sea Press Conference

Elephant & The Sea Press Conference

Woo spoke about how his aunt won RM 16,000 from dreaming of a lottery number on her fish, an element in the film

18 Aug – After touring some 30 international film festivals on the circuit for the past year or two, the elusive award-winning indie "The Elephant And The Sea" is about to make its home premiere.

Malaysian director Woo Ming Jin said: "It's a great joy to finally see this movie showing on the shores on which it is shot. I'm so happy to see everyone here today – the cast and the crew." He was speaking at a press conference held at Cathay Cineplex Cineleisure Damansara last week, where all the personnel surrounding the film were reunited.

Upcoming talent Ng Meng Hui said: "It's a very unique movie. For me, it was very special because I am a city girl but I have to play a character that lives in a small fishing village. You have to get used to the environment – the smells, the sights, the sounds – and lots of fish!"

Veteran TV drama actor Chung Kok Keong added: "Yes, it was a very peculiar experience. I'm an action movie kind of guy, so when I realised that Ming Jin wants my character to be virtually mute, I almost went nuts! I had to keep quiet in all situations and I really wanted to do some fighting!"

Veteran actor Chung Kok Keong jokingly complained that he had no action scenes while upcoming actress Ng Meng Hui looks on
Chung plays opposite the anti-hero Berg Lee, who was also at hand to share his experience of carrying a dead monitor lizard that managed to spook him because it was still warm.

"The Elephant And The Sea" took the Special Jury Prize at the Torino Film Festival and won Best Director and Critics Award at the Cinema Digital Seoul Film Festival, both in 2007. The film chronicles the plight of two men who are severely affected by a mysterious water-borne disease in a small Northern coastal village in Malaysia.

Woo summarised: "I'm confident that Malaysians will enjoy this movie whether they are interested in art films or not. It's a very universal story that is appealing to anybody."





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