BMW announces BMW Shorties 2008 Winners

BMW announces BMW Shorties 2008 Winners

BMW Shorties winner Nazim Mohammed Esa
19 May – The BMW Shorties 2008 concluded with a gala premiere at SENI Mont Kiara, and the winning entry for this year was "For The Love Of Drowning", a short film by 29-year-old freelance artist Nazim Mohammed Esa. The surrealistic tale of love and relationship was adjudged the winner out of a total of 62 entries.

Nazim will receive RM75,000 in production assistance as well as guidance and mentorship from the panel of judges to make a professional short film that will eventually be fielded in international festivals. The amount of the grand prize was raised from RM50,000 last year.

Meanwhile, English lecturer Mahaletchumi Tavamany and film student Edmund Yeo received Honourable Mentions for their entries "Sing in the Rain" and "Chicken Rice Mystery", the latter of whom was not present to receive the award. "Chicken Rice Mystery" also won theatre veteran Kimmy Kiew the Best Acting award, this year's new category.
Nazim Mohammed Esa proudly holding out his awards Kimmy Kiew, who acted in "Chicken Rice Mystery" directed by Edmund Yeo
In a surprise move, BMW Malaysia Corporate Affairs Manager Vijayaratnam Tharumartnam also announced that the Honourable Mention awardees would be rewarded with a trip to attend the Rome International Film Festival in October. The two awardees will receive entrance to select BMW-sponsored events during the Festival.

The Peoples' Choice Award was given to Moe Izwan Kamal's "Goat", a six-minute 20-second film about a five year-old's perspective of the world around him. The film received the highest number of online votes, which the filmmaker jokingly said was because "I have a LOT of friends!"
(From L-R) Best Actress Kimmy Kiew, Honourable Mention Lesly Leon Lee (representing Edmund Yeo), Honourable Mention Mahaletchumi Tavamany, Grand Prize winner Nazim Bin Esa, finalist Theresa Choong, People's Choice Award Moe Izwan Kamal People's Choice Award winner Moe Izwan Kamal
"We have once again proven that there is an abundance of raw cinematic talent in Malaysia. What the BMW Shorties programme has done is provide a solid platform for aspiring filmmakers. We are positive that this year's winners, the top 10 as well as all the 62 entrants, will contribute to the growth of Malaysian independent cinema," said Tharumartnam.

The winners and finalists, with their various interpretations of this year's theme "H2O," were selected after two days of heated debate by a distinguished panel of judges that comprised award-winning Filipino filmmaker Raymond Red, actress Ida Nerina, independent filmmaker Tan Chui Mui and last year's BMW Shorties winner, Abdullah Zahir bin Omar.
Actress Ida Nerina Filipino filmmaker Raymond Red
"The judging process was not just a simple elimination and selection process; it was also an intense and dynamic sharing of insights from fellow industry professionals. In the end, we learned significantly from each other," said Red, who chaired the judging panel.

"I think the BMW Shorties is probably the best thing that's happened in this industry for a long time. A strong platform like this is important because it gives one the incentive to go out there and bare their soul through their story. That's what I really like about this competition," added Nerina.

(From L- R) Nazim Bin Esa, Raymond Red, Ida Nerina, Law Gwo Yunn, Vijayaratnam Tharumartnam , Theresa Choong, Moe Izwan Kamal, Jayson Lim Kean Sang, Sanjey Kumar, Mahaletchumi Tavamany, Lesly Leon Lee (representing Edmund Yeo) and Kimmy Kiew.
Abdullah Zahir shared his thoughts on how winning the inaugural BMW Shorties has helped his professional career. "Teddy & I", the film he made using last year's prize money, received overwhelming critical response and will be showcased in next year's Rotterdam Film Festival.

"The BMW Shorties has opened doors for me. In the course of one year, I have gone through experiences that are ultimately rewarding for my career. I am optimistic that this year's winner will have the same experience," said Zahir.

Completing the BMW Shorties 2008 finalists are Teresa Choong ("F.L.O.W"), Lim Kean Sang ("Dissolve"), Wan Muh Hun ("Cold Water"), Lee Eng Keong ("Going Home"), Shanjey Kumar Perumal ("Broken Bangles") and Law Gwo Yunn ("7 square").

The BMW Shorties 2008 top 10 finalists can all be viewed at

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