Goodbye, Yasmin Ahmad

Goodbye, Yasmin Ahmad

Yasmin Ahmad (R) with an unidentified guest at the preview of "Talentime" earlier in March

27 Jul – The passing of Yasmin Ahmad, undisputedly the most internationally-acclaimed filmmaker from Malaysia, has caused a wave of eulogies and tributes to flood the Internet although not in Michael Jackson proportions, the death of which was a month ago.

Reportedly, Yasmin died aged 51 at 11.25pm at the Damansara Specialist Center on 25 July 2009 in Petaling Jaya after suffering a stroke and brain haemorrhage. She was buried at the USJ 22 Muslim cemetery in Subang Jaya yesterday.

Below are just some of the comments and status updates which reflect on how much Yasmin Ahmad had touched the lives of people.

Actress Ida Nerina on Facebook: "Death - the last sleep? No the final awakening. -Walter Scott. Rest well my goddess of all goddesses." Filmmaker Amir Muhammad on Facebook: "One of the proudest moments of my life was attending the packed screening of 'Mukhsin' at the Berlin Film Festival where the applause went on for over 5 minutes. Thanks for that memory Yasmin, and for many other memories that aren't going anywhere soon."

The films of Yasmin Ahmad – "Mukhsin" 2007, "Talentime" 2009, "Sepet" 2007, "Gubra" 2006 and "Muallaf" 2008

Businessman Tony Fernandes on Facebook: "Yasmin is gone and Malaysia has lost a true Malaysian. She loved Air Asia for what it stood for. So many things we wanted to do. 1Malaysia equals Yasmin Ahmad. Go watch her movies."

Radio personality and host Serena C on Twitter: "I'm such a crybaby! Tearing up AGAIN on radio talking about Yasmin Ahmad. RIP Malaysia's favorite storyteller."

Singer Pete Teo to Yasmin on his blog: "I finally got around to watching Yojiro Takita's 'Departures'. I am not surprised that you kept badgering me to watch it. It's a very beautiful film. I suppose I could succumb to temptation and speculate upon how you loved a film about death shortly before you decided to die on us - but that would be B.S. because the film is really about how to live."

Actor Afdlin Shauki on Facebook: "Today we have lost a great Malaysian. I cannot believe that Yasmin is no longer with us. She was an inspiration, a brave voice in our community and most importantly a kind, kind soul. Semoga tuhan mencucuri rahmat ke atas rohnya."

Actress Sazzy Falak on Twitter: "Just left funeral... So sad... Allah bless her beautiful soul. My heart goes out to the family and loved ones."


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