Press heat on "Talentime"

Press heat on "Talentime"

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11 Mar"My films are not about any specific culture or tradition, they are about humanity," said Yasmin Ahmad during a press conference after a preview of her latest film "Talentime" which is set for cinemas this 26 of March 2009. The latest serving from Malaysia's renowned filmmaker "Talentime" tells the story of deaf mute Mahesh and feisty Melur who meet when Mahesh was tasked with picking up Melur for rehearsals of a talent contest that she took part in.

The preview which was held at Cineleisure Damansara started at 3.00 pm with a short opening speech by Mr. Ahmad Puad Onah, the General Manager of Primeworks Studios followed by an appreciation address by the director herself.

Yasmin Ahmad shared her secret in finding the right people for her movies - she looks for charisma. "Like Jit Murad for example," she said, "His charismatic appeal shines through and that makes him memorable even though he appeared in only a few scenes." She also admitted that the movie did not end as it was initially planned, because they had "so many endings for the movie".

Yasmin Ahmad hugging an unidentified friend at the press preview

Glowing singer-turned-actress Jaclyn Victor was complimented for her performance as Mahesh's elder sister. "I'm very excited about this film," she told Cinema Online, "I think this film is something people can relate to and I believe it will do well."

Jaclyn Victor was aglow with praise at the press conference
Jaclyn jokingly remarked that the most important thing she learned from this film was to be serious on set but also added that she learned how to emote more effectively for her own singing.
 The convivial merrymaking of the cast and crew amongst themselves spoke volumes of how closely knit they had become. It was "like family", as Yasmin puts it; a thought seconded by the lead actor, Mahesh Jugal Kishor. The young man, a newcomer to the silver screen, was without doubt the centre of attention after the press conference, with the media gathering around him to talk to him about his debut performance. He expressed his thankfulness to Yasmin for giving him this chance, smiling modestly at praise given to him concerning his performance.

The music of the film features some memorable songs scored by Pete Teo and the musician was present to remind the crowd that the soundtrack would hopefully be available for sale soon. He also said that the music would be downloadable at the movie's website ( within the next few weeks.  

"Talentime" will open in 45 screens nationwide on 26 March 2009

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