Uncensoring Muallaf

Uncensoring Muallaf

Sharifah Amani (left) and her sister, Sharifah Aleysha.

24 Dec – "Muallaf" (The Convert), written and directed by the late filmmaker Yasmin Ahmad, has finally seen daylight in Malaysia as it begins playing at selected cinemas today. Bearing heavy topic on religion, the film initially was banned by authorities in 2008 due to some elements in the movie which were considered "offensive". While approved by the authorities with minimal censorship, the line-up of actors in the film including Yasmin's sister Datin Orked were nonetheless glad that Yasmin's fans will be able to catch this movie in Malaysia.

During the recent press conference held at Cathay Cineplex Damansara, it was revealed that the censored dialogues were "You look like nuns" when Brother Anthony (Tony Savarimuthu) saw Rohani (Sharifah Amani) in her headscarf, and the other scene where Rohana (Sharifah Aleysha) said to Rohani, "Nanti orang ingat kita wahabbis". The scene where Rohani's father was shaving Rohani's head bald was also edited from the movie.

"Muallaf" stars (L-R) Brian Yap, Sharifah Amani and Sharifah Aleysha.

Soon, the scene at the conference turned teary-eyed as the actors recalled memories of Yasmin Ahmad. Cinema Online caught up with leading actress Sharifah Amani where she said, "Honestly, it felt like losing my own mother. It's affected me deeply. I've cried and isolated myself for so long. Even then I asked myself, "How long do I have to act this way?" So I would like to continue with what I'm doing which is to act and make films. Whatever ideas I have shared with her or her ideas that were not realised, I want to complete it. Of course, in my own way. I could never or even try to be like her. This is my way of showing my appreciation to Yasmin as she was the one who taught me about life."

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"Muallaf" is now showing in cinemas!

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