The book keeper

The book keeper

Denzel Washington stars in "The Book Of Eli".

25 Feb – Two-time Academy award winner Denzel Washington stars as Eli in the post-apocalyptic flick, "The Book Of Eli". The film follows Eli - a mysterious figure, part missionary and part mercenary - who quotes scripture as he carries, what is believed to be, the last Bible on Earth across the wasteland of America. He travels west for some unknown purpose, only explaining that he feels it is his destiny to take the book where it will be safe, believing it holds the secret to saving humanity. According to producer Joel Silver ("Die Hard", "The Matrix"), "He has a mission to fulfil. If people try to divert him from it or stop him for any reason, then he will, quite simply, do whatever is necessary to get past them. I think you're inclined to forgive his actions because, at his core, he's an honest and peaceful man, and this mission is the most important thing in the world to him."

An advance screening of the movie was held recently where after the preview, Cinema Online asked them what they thought of the movie and how many stars would they give it out of five.

Daniel Lee

Hubert Koh

One of the audience, Daniel Lee said, "The pacing of the story was rather slow, but there's definitely a moral to it. Denzel's character was also very slow and kind of boring. I'd give a passable 3 stars." Meanwhile, viewer Hubert Koh said, "In the beginning it was slow, but as it progressed towards the middle and the end, it was bearable. Eventually, Denzel's character turned out to be pretty interesting with a surprising great twist at the end. I'd give 3.5 stars."


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