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James Lee: "Sini Ada Hantu"

Writer: Lai Swee Wei

(L-R) Actors Pui Heng, Pete Teo, Pui Kong and Daniel Wong with director James Lee (centre) on the final day of shooting "Sini Ada Hantu".

18 May – After the success of "Histeria", Malaysian filmmaker James Lee embarks on another horror flick entitled "Sini Ada Hantu" starring Fasha Sandha, Pete Teo, Baki Zainal, Alvin Wong and Eira Syazira.

During Cinema Online's exclusive set visit of the final shooting day at Sea Park, Petaling Jaya earlier this month, Lee divulged on the various types of ghosts audiences will encounter in the film. "This is a really good offer; there are four ghosts in one movie. For the Malay legend, there's a Banana Tree Ghost. The Chinese segment, we have a ghost that involves men going up into the cemetery to pray for numbers. The third is a Japanese ghost in a school hostel, where students would normally see these spirits marching. And the finale is an Indian ghost that haunts the main two protagonists - drivers who are supposed to be real time characters as the other three ghost stories are told by them."

Behind the scenes of "Sini Ada Hantu".

Behind the scenes of "Sini Ada Hantu".

Carrying a budget of RM500,000, the 37-year-old filmmaker disclose that there will be no CGI involved, believing it defeats his purpose of filmmaking. "Whatever I imagined, I could do it. When I did 'Histeria', I avoided CGI because I was inspired by the 80's American horror films like 'Evil Dead', 'Days Of The Living Dead', and 'Friday The 13th'. That was before CGI, where the people are in costumes. I want to make films like that, before I venture into CGI."

Initially set for an August 2010 release, Lee explained it was meant to be screened during the Chinese Hungry Ghost Festival. However seeing it is also during Hari Raya Puasa month, the film will be postponed till the end of this year.

Digging into Lee's future project, the avid filmmaker is fast on the move as he is currently filming a horror comedy, tentatively entitled "Awek Aku Pontianak" ("My Girlfriend Is A Vampire"), a week after "Sini Ada Hantu" ended its shoot. The filming, which began 11 May, will take about 25 days and is said to be a "bigger production".

Click HERE for the full interview with James Lee and Pete Teo.

Cinema Online, 18 May 2010

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