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"Avatar Special Edition" trailer out!

Writer: Lai Swee Wei

13 Aug – 20th Century Fox has released a 30 second "Avatar: Special Edition" trailer, featuring some never-before-seen footage. The film, which seeks a re-release come 26 August 2010 at selected 3D cinemas, boasts nine minutes of extra footage instead of the previously announced eight, according to director James Cameron.

Cameron further elaborated on the new footage with MarketSaw saying, "There's some stuff where the Na'vi counterattack after the bulldozers destroy the willowblade, that's a night attack scene. And the aftermath of that, how the humans react to that and the steps leading to the war. There's some stuff with Grace in the school in the jungle, there's a creature called a stingbat which is brought back in [that one was in the video game] as well as the sternbeast, which is the animal that they hunt. We see hundreds of those. There are some little bits that have been put back into the end battle. Little action beats, and a little bit added to the love scene, and some other night stuff. It's all top-quality stuff and it's on par with the rest of the film."

Cinema Online, 13 August 2010

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